Get The Most Out Of Your Carpet With These Handy Tips

There’s something incredibly frustrating about carpets in your house. It seems like no matter what you do, keeping them clean, free of dirt, and looking like you just installed it is completely impossible. Since simply restricting all access to your carpeted rooms without plastic bags over your feet isn’t really a livable option, you’re going to have to think of some alternatives for keeping your carpet clean and looking new. You could also lay plastic or rugs all over your carpets, but again, these aren’t convenient or normal ways to live your life.  

Instead, we’ve compiled a list of ways to get the most out of your carpet, without having to squeak around on plastic covers or completely avoid your lovely carpeted lounge area.

Keep your carpets clean

Possibly the biggest way to keep your carpet looking great for as long as possible, is to simply clean them often. This doesn’t just mean vacuuming here and there or when you think of it, it also means getting them professionally cleaned and having the right products on hand when spills and stains occur.

Vacuuming is indeed the first step for keeping carpets clean, but you must vacuum regularly to make a difference. Aim for once or twice a week to be most effective. One of the main causes of permanent stains and discoloration is simply dirt and debris tracked in that is lodged in your carpet long term. Take a look at your carpet, or a friend’s carpet, and look for areas of high traffic and you’ll most likely see that the carpet is discolored in those places. Look at the carpet just in front of your couches or chairs, and you’ll probably see the same thing. Vacuuming often pulls up the dirt before it has a chance to set into the carpet fibres, resulting in less discoloration.

Vacuuming isn’t just about removing dirt from the carpet, it also helps pull up your carpet fibres, which stops them from compacting and wearing down. Again, areas of high traffic push down the carpet making it look worn, so make sure you vacuum over these areas several times to get it looking new again.

Professional carpet cleaning

Unfortunately, vacuuming alone isn’t enough for keeping your carpet looking new year after year. Professional cleaning is recommended every year for best results. One option is to attempt to clean your carpets yourself, by hiring a professional carpet cleaner that you run yourself. With the right products and the right machine, you can see some pretty positive results by doing it yourself.

For the most efficient results, however, you’ll want to hire carpet cleaners to come in annually. They will be able to professionally analyse your type of carpet and spot treat prior to giving your full carpet the best cleaning. Getting your carpets cleaned will also rid your carpets of allergens that can build up over time.

Keep your furniture clean

Unfortunately, what’s on your furniture will eventually end up on your floors. Even if you’re conscious of not spilling food or drinks on the carpet, it’s likely that some of that popcorn you’re eating, or a couple drops of that soup will fall into or on your couch or chair. Eventually, those food products can make it to the floor, causing stains or debris that gets stuck in your carpet fibres.

Keep your furniture clean and vacuumed often to avoid this problem, as well as bringing in an upholstery cleaner to professionally clean your furniture.

Keep food in the kitchen

One way to avoid getting these stains is to make a rule to keep all food in the kitchen. Even with a very strict rule like this, however, you won’t be able to completely avoid stains. Dirt tracked in, even with bare feet, or dust buildup will still take a toll on your carpets.

There will never be a way to completely avoid food stains, so making sure that you have the right products on hand to take care of stains, fast, is your best bet. Use a carpet cleaning product that is rated highly and works for your type of carpet. Treat spots and stains as soon as possible to avoid them setting in and creating a long term stain.  

Rotate your furniture

Wear and tear on your carpet typically only happens in high traffic areas. By rotating your furniture around, you can change up where wear and high traffic happens, therefore wearing your carpet down at a more even rate. If you haven’t moved your furniture around in a while, you’ll probably see a big difference when you finally move it between the discoloration of your carpet and the cleanliness under your furniture. In addition to wearing evenly, it’s also an easy way to freshen up a room and make it feel newer by changing things up.

Using rugs

Although this doesn’t necessarily work for every room, sometimes an area rug or runner rug can help with extremely high traffic areas. Places in your home such as hallways or entry ways see a lot of traffic daily, and you can help keep that part of your carpet clean by simply laying a rug down on top of the carpet.

Area rugs can also help spruce up a room and also protect your carpet. They’re typically a cheaper way to add colour or patterns to a room, without having to completely change out your furniture or paint a wall. If you do decide to cover a large area with a rug, make sure that you’re still rotating furniture and the rug itself around, as well as vacuuming the rug and under it weekly.

With a little care, you’ll find that you can keep your carpets lasting longer and looking brighter, without having to completely avoid the areas or being strict with food and drinks. Just like anything, taking the time to take care of your possessions, including carpet, will end up saving you money in the long run.

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