Getting Ready For Spring: Easy Updates For Your Home

We all know that one of the traditional rites of spring is spring cleaning your home. Throwing open the windows, cleaning every corner, and making your house fresh and sparkling is all part of the ritual that we’re all familiar with. But what about spring renovations? Take your spring cleaning to the next level by not just simply cleaning your home, but upgrading, renovating, and turning your house into the ultimate summer paradise.

Getting your lawn ready

Your lawn has seen a cold, rainy, and perhaps a snowy winter, and will most likely need some help to look its best this summer. First, in order to let grass start growing again, you’ll want to rake up any debris, dead leaves, and loose grass from your yard. Heavy, wet debris like that will weigh down your grass that’s trying to grow underneath, preventing sun and rain from reaching the roots.

Next, aerate your yard, using either an aerator machine, or another do it yourself tool. Aeration allows oxygen to reach your grass roots, which helps it grow healthier and stronger. If parts of your lawn didn’t make it through the winter and you have dead patches or muddy patches, buy some quality grass seed to fill them in as needed. You can do this throughout the summer as well to ensure a filled in lawn.

For larger patches, you might want to consider a ready lawn product that ensures even growth across the section. And if your lawn really took a beating this winter, or has been steadily declining and needs more than simply reseeding, you may need to try a different tactic. Using instant lawn will ensure that your lawn is summer ready, immediately.

Updating your driveway

Driveways can age badly, making your home’s curb appeal less enticing. After a winter of harsh weather and exposure to the elements, your driveway may need some improvements this spring. Cracks and breaks in a driveway seal are common, and with enough research, you can possibly repair them yourself. For larger cracks, or for those of us not willing to put in the chunk of time and effort it takes, consider having a driveway specialist resurface your driveway to make it look like new.


Just like your lawn and your driveway, your pipes can take quite the beating over the winter. Leaks, breaks, and drainage issues are all things that your plumbing is especially prone to during a harsh winter. Plumbing is one of those household jobs that isn’t something you want to mess with if you aren’t a professional, so remember to hire a plumbing company to help you make any needed repairs.

To decide if you need to hire someone, check around your house for hidden leaks in your pipes by looking for any water damage along the pipes, along with this list of other ways to find the leaks. Looking for these issues early will help prevent much larger issues in the future. Plus, taking care of small leaks and other concerns now will save you lots of money and headaches in the future as well.


Spring is the perfect time to get started on any kitchen renovations you’ve been wanting to make. The temperature is warm enough that you can keep windows and the door open for your renovation company, and the work finished in time for you to enjoy your summer. New kitchen joinery is one less invasive and time consuming spring renovation you can do to get your kitchen looking fresh and modern. You can also take some advice from designer kitchen companies to make smaller updates, perhaps each spring, to finally get you that dream kitchen.


Just like everything else, winter can tear apart indoor and outdoor wooden stairs, decks, patios and any other wooden outdoor pieces. Snow and rain can rot away the wood, making them dangerous for use. Besides taking measures to protect your deck or stairs prior to the winter, you’ll also want to get it ready for summer by following some of these basic steps.

Your inside wooden stairs warp eventually as well, with humidity, changes in temperature, and general wear. Warped stairs can cause those annoying creaks in your stairs that you try and avoid when you don’t want to wake the whole house up. Besides that, older stairs can become dangerous, prompting the need for new or at least updated stairs. Make sure you thoroughly check your stairs every year for any safety concerns or obvious wear and tear.  

Household cosmetics

Spring is a time for change, along with simple updates and renovations. Besides the larger kitchen or yard projects, and other big changes you might be considering this spring, you may also consider some simple cosmetic changes in your home.

For one, changing up the paint, or even painting for the first time, is an excellent way to liven up and update your home. Take inventory of the furniture you have before you decide on a colour of paint, and really examine all the accent colours in your home. Painting a wall is usually cheaper than buying new furniture, so it makes more sense to pick a paint colour based on your current furniture rather than the other way around. Do your research on how to paint a room, and take your time. Rushing a paint job usually means sloppy mistakes that are much harder to correct than if you just took your time in the first place.

For smaller changes, but ones that can still add new colour and excitement to your home for summer, try things like bright accent pillows for your furniture, or patterned curtains. Use the colour scheme you already have to your advantage rather than having to update everything in your home.

These are just a few of the basic spring renovations and upgrades that you can do this spring, that won’t overwhelm you, or your budget. Remember that even if they all don’t get done in time for summer, there’s always next spring!

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