Home Maintenance Task You Need To Keep On Top Of

If you are a homeowner but aren’t exactly an expert on home repairs, renovations, or maintenance, owning your own home can be quite difficult. When you first buy a home, many of us start imagining all the things we could do to it to make it fit our lives better. We imagine the renovations and designer kitchens and the pantry of our dreams. Maybe we think about that back room that we could turn into an office, or the luxurious looking ready lawn to make our yards look gorgeous.

But then, life sets in. Things start breaking, and emergency repairs start showing their ugly head. The hard truth about home ownership is that there will probably always be something that can be fixed in your home. Just like cars or your electronics, things break down and wear out, or simply become too outdated to use anymore. Those dream projects might take a backseat while you take care of those emergency problems. However, if you stay on top of certain tasks, there is hope for you.  

While there are plenty of home tasks that can stand to wait a month or two, or even a few years, there are others that really shouldn’t be ignored. We’ve compiled a list of some of the main home maintenance tasks that you definitely shouldn’t ignore for long, and that you should keep on top of to avoid those emergencies that stop you from creating the home of your dreams.  


Pipes and drains:

Ignoring leaky pipes or drains can mean giant problems later on. Blocked drains can be one of the biggest causes of backed up sewage, or worse, spillage and discharge into your yard or the street. The worst case scenario could even mean sewage discharge into your neighbor’s yard, ruining that budding friendship before it even has a chance to take off. Drain spillage into your own yard or driveway could cause driveway cracks that will need repair, or ruining your yard’s grass requiring an instant lawn fix.

Your drain laying could also cost you quite a bit to unblock if you’ve let it go for too long, so make sure you stay on top if it. Try some of these tips for unblocking your drains first, if the situation isn’t too dire yet. Then look into hiring a professional.

Leaky pipes are another really important maintenance item you can’t afford to put off. Leaky pipes, just as it sounds, can lead to serious flooding or mold issues. Water dripping from them will cause moisture buildup and eventual mold, which can easily lead to an unhealthy living environment. Leaks could also affect your flooring, or even underflooring insulation, again causing mold and rot to spread.  


Taking care of your wood floors now means a lot less work later on. Severely worn down wooden floors will require you to have to sand down the floors before refinishing. This means that you’re reducing their lifetime and shortening your use of them, since you’re actually sanding down the wood rather than the previous finish. Get on top of this task by refinishing all your floors annually, or at least before the previous finishing wears out.


Old wiring, or poorly installed wiring, is more than just a task that ought to be taken care of at some point. Rather, poor wiring can actually end up being a fire hazard and cause some serious destruction. If you spot any frayed wires, loose connections, or cracking, you’re going to want to bring a specialist out immediately. Here are some tips for choosing an electrician that you can trust to remove the fire hazards.

You’ll also want to make sure your existing outlets are safe. Make sure you aren’t plugging multiple extension cords into each other, and that your outlets are turned off as often as possible when not in use. Surge protection extension cords are a good investment as well, but not a fail safe, so don’t use them as a way to make your multiple cords safer.

Depending on the area of your home, you may want to consider a renovation altogether, as rewiring will require some more invasive work. For example, if your kitchen is in need of some updating and rewiring, getting some kitchen alterations might be the way to go. Consider working with a kitchen supplier as well as an electrician to revamp your kitchen and keep it safe for you and your family.



Your yard can go south, metaphorically, very quickly without proper care. If you want your yard to be a place to hang out, play games, entertain, and enjoy during the year, you’ll want to make sure it’s well taken care of and that you put the effort into it that’s needed. If you’re just getting started with improving your lawn, you might want to consider starting fresh with some quality grass seed. In NZ, you could try kikuyu lawn, which is one of the better grass seeds that will fare very well in your yard.  


While always at the bottom of everyone’s list, weeding is another home maintenance task that can get extremely out of control, very quickly. Try some of these tips for making your weeding more effective to get started. Most importantly out of these tips, however, is to make sure you’re laying down some type of bark mulch after you’ve cleared your weeds. The benefits of mulch are plentiful, with the most important one being that it will inhibit future weed growth, making your job as chief home gardener much easier!

By staying on top of these basic indoor and outdoor home maintenance tasks, you’ll be saving yourself time, money, and lots of headaches in the near future. Besides that, some of them will actually make your home a safer place to live. Get that to do list out and put these few tasks on it, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, safer and more beautiful place to live.  

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