Is Smaller Better: Why Tiny Houses Are So Popular

They’re everywhere! From shows on TV depicting their build process, to shows depicting people looking to move into one, tiny houses are clearly making a big impact on the world right now. Even if you are totally and 100% not interested in moving into one, you are still probably fascinated by their appeal and maybe even tune in to one of the shows every once in awhile out of curiosity.  

No matter what your personal thoughts are towards tiny houses, it’s apparent that they have a growing impact on the housing market that continues to grow. At first glance, tiny houses seem ridiculous. Why on earth would you trade in plenty of room, a full kitchen, space to sprawl out, etc., for a cramped space that you might have to share with a partner or even a whole family?

But, people are doing it. So, what’s the appeal? Why are they so popular? And is living tiny, actually better? Lets discover these answers together, below.

Saving money

Tiny houses cost less to build than regular houses, this much is obvious. But saving money goes beyond just the build. You’ll be using less electricity, less materials like roofing shingles or drainlaying, and a smaller mortgage, if you have one at all. Since you have less space as well, you’ll only need a small amount of furnishing, and much of your furniture will be multifunctional in the small space.

Less repairs

How much time have you spent on your home repairs lately? If you’re like most of the home owning world, it might feel like every single weekend is dedicated to repairs, maintenance, and garden upkeep, etc. etc. etc. In fact, it might not just feel like it, it might actually be true. When it takes an hour or two to mow your lawn, another two to three to stain your back deck, and maybe an extra hour in the garden, you’ve lost your whole Saturday.

When you have to take care of an entire house and yard, and maybe a garden too, you’ve signed on to dedicating excessive amounts of time to the house, whether you enjoy it or not. Many people move to a tiny house to avoid as much of this as possible. It only makes sense that the more space you have, the more time it will take to care for it. Tiny takes all those repairs and maintenance items and cuts them in half, or even less depending on how big a home you started with.

Many tiny homes are just placed on a piece of land somewhere, removing the need for that driveway or fencing around your yard. This means you avoid those inevitable driveway crack replacements, and having to plant a lawn in NZ, if you’re locating there. Depending on the land you’ve chosen, and it’s something you want, you may still be able to have a small ready lawn put in around your tiny home, or install some bark mulch around the perimeter of the home, if that’s what you desire.  

Spend more time with family

One of the big reasons why a lot of families go tiny is to force more family interaction. It sounds a little bit extreme, but bear with us for a minute. When there’s less space, you’ll be bumping into each other more often than before. As in, there’s less space to hide from each other and get sucked into your own thing. Living tiny with multiple people requires openness and communication, instead of hiding away from it all the time.


This is one of best reasons to go tiny. When you’re sick of an area and want to move on, you can pick up your whole life with you and just plunk it down on a new piece of land! No more selling your home, packing up your belongings and having to settle into a new place, just pick it all up and plop it down.

Comforts of home

Many people think that going tiny means that you sacrifice the comforts of home. They maybe equate a tiny house with a campervan, or a cabin somewhere in the woods. In reality, a tiny home is just how it sounds: a home that is smaller than a regular home. The bottom line to this, is that a tiny home, is still a home.

That means that you can keep all the comforts of a regular home that you would expect. For example, you can still have that underfloor insulation to keep it warm and cozy, and have that beautiful designer kitchen with impressive kitchen joinery. In fact, it’s actually encouraged to use a designer to help you with things like the kitchen to make sure you’re getting as much use out of the small space as possible.

Since most people are building their own tiny homes at the moment, it means there’s a lot more freedom to do exactly what you want with designing the place. If you want custom stairs leading up to a bedroom loft, you can have that. You can have bedrooms with quality beds, and shop for regular beds for sale in Auckland without having to buy something custom for the space. As mentioned above as well, if you still want the part of the home of having a yard and all that, you can buy land to place the house on and still have an instant lawn.

The effect on the market

The tiny house movement means that builders and real estate brokers alike have to shift their energy to accommodate the demand. Currently, the demand is higher than products available, which is why many people are taking to build their own tiny houses. Eventually, this will probably switch as builders catch on to the popularity.

Will we continue to see a rise in the tiny house movement, with our future looking like little transportable houses all over the country? That question is a hard one to answer. Living tiny is certainly not for everyone, and may just be a passing fad, but for now, we’re embracing the idea of living simpler, living less, and loving more.

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