Keep Your Home Fresh And Light This Winter

The winter air can make us feel and seem unhealthier. The heating indoors makes the air dry whilst the outside cold air holds less moisture. We then seal our homes against drafts which causes stale and germ filled air. A home that is sealed and heated has little circulation and the quality of the air inside the home decreases resulting in sinus infections, flus, colds, itchy or flaky skin and chapped lips.  

We will help you to get some air quality back into your home and get you feeling healthier and your home feeling fresher and lighter this winter.

  1. Fresh Air and Light

Many of us don’t like the winter season and the darkness and cooler weather can make our homes feel quite dull. So, look for those winter days when the sun shines and open your windows to allow the fresh air to flow through your home. Aside of getting rid of odours and stuffiness, this also helps to brighten up your home. Only open them for half an hour or so and you will see how quickly your home feels refreshed.

  1. Wash Fabrics

Wash any fabrics around the house that may not get washed often e.g. curtains, throws or blankets. These fabrics can hold on to odours that you wouldn’t have expected. Additionally, it may be a good season to wash all your summer bedding paraphernalia. Search for local laundry cleaning services when it comes to cleaning your duvets and large throws.

  1. Diffusers and Humidifiers

Diffusers and humidifiers are great for helping with dry winter skin and stuffy noses. They also help to add some moisture to the air. On the flipside, you need to make sure that you control the humidity in your home as a humidifier can put too much moisture in to the air which can lead to condensation, mould spores and rotting. It has been stated that the optimal humidity rate indoors should be between 40 and 55%. If you purchase a hygrometer you can monitor the humidity in your house and know when you need to use the humidifier.

  1. Baking Soda

When it comes to cleaning product suppliers and supplies, baking soda is amazing stuff and can really remove stale odours from pretty much anything. Sprinkle baking soda over, upholstery in your North Shore Auckland home, rugs and carpet. Leave it to sit for a while and then simply vacuum it away. You can even just leave out a dish of baking soda to remove odours in the air. If you want to go one step further then it may be an idea to get in touch with Auckland floor cleaning companies or carpet cleaning services to give all carpets and hard floors a professional clean before spring arrives.

  1. Wiping Down

We may not realise that hard surfaces can collect odours as well as soft furnishings. Don’t think that you have to wipe down all hard surfaces every day as that’s the job of a feather duster. That said, every so often it is worth wiping down all hard surfaces. Remember to go underneath furniture as that’s a hiding place for dust. Move sofas and furniture away from the walls.  

When it comes to beds, whether you’ve got bunk beds, divans, water beds or adjustable beds in your Auckland home! try and clean underneath them too as this is a perfect place for dust to hide. A good option would be to mix a solution of vinegar and water which is great for cleaning surfaces and removing odours as well. You can also call in your Auckland floor cleaning companies to get those pesky stains out of hard to reach places.

  1. Candles/Essential Oils

Nothing beats a home that’s wonderfully scented. A key thing to think about when scenting your home is the season. For example, the last thing you’d want to smell is a home full of evergreen in the summer months. Winter is a time of cosy blankets, warm desserts, fireplaces and cinnamon, so reflect this in your scent by opting for scents such as cinnamon and pine around the festive season and once the festive season has finished, then go for warm and cosy scents such as vanilla and citrusy Neroli.

  1. A Lick of Paint

As less light enters our homes in winter, it may feel like your living in a cave some days! If your walls are decorated in darker colours then perhaps consider getting the Dunedin painters in and get them painted in a lighter colour which will reflect the light better and perhaps enhance your wintery mood.

  1. Vacuuming

We’re not saying that you should only be vacuuming in winter! But instead try and use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter which gets rid of pet dander and dust which gets into your lungs when you cooped up inside. Make sure that you vacuum at least once a week.

  1. Bring Nature Indoors

Plants are natural air purifiers. Your rooms will not only look nicer with plants but they will also become fresh and healthier if you have houseplants, so pick natural green houseplants whichever are designed to live indoors. Examples of these are Aloe Vera, spider plants and ferns. The leaves, roots and the soil all work together to absorb any chemical contaminants given off by synthetic materials.

Additionally, indoor plants also have another benefit; they provide pleasant scents. In this case opt for plants such as Eucalyptus, geraniums, corsage orchids or gardenias.  

  1. Ventilation

To prevent cooking smells in your home then make sure that you use the fan in the hood above your cooker. Additionally, get into the habit of using bathroom fans when you bathe or are in the shower. These will get rid of any damp, odours and prevent bacterial growths.

We are sure that once you adopt all of these 10 tips that your home will soon be feeling fresher and lighter this season and ready for spring!


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