The Best Home Design Trends for 2017

2017 is a year of making things easier for ourselves. From smart and stylish organisational pieces and tips, to contemporary kitchen designs like these in Tauranga that makes our heart sing with delight, this year is all about making a home out of wherever we are, and making it work for us.   

Our lives are filled with meetings, phone calls and emails all day, then we get home and it’s football games for the kids, that yoga class you try and make it to a few times a week, and frantically getting dinner on the table after all of that. As life gets busier and we become more reliant on our smart phones and computers, home design is the one thing we can still control, and make convenient. We’ll go over some of the main trends that home design has been seeing over the past few years, and a few exciting ones that are yet to come.


As we’ve talked about, making life easier is becoming more and more important as our lives get busier and more stressful. Homeowners are starting to value items that add value and ease to their homes, while staying within their budgets. One example of this is having the space to store things out of the main areas of the home. Things like garden sheds to keep that lawn mower and gardening equipment out of the way, or Christchurch shaker style kitchen with cupboard space galore make it easier for keeping spaces clean.

For interior design, there are many different types of built in wall cabinets and multi use items that are gaining popularity. Your bedside table might not just be a table anymore. It now might come with a charger underneath, and space for your books, phone, and even a lockable area for valuables. Dining room tables are starting to move back into the kitchen and becoming a general hang out place, which means it’s uses could be a homework space, gathering place for the family, or even a comfortable spot to host guests with a glass of wine.   

Outdoor space

Comfortable and functional outdoor space is also on the rise. People want to make the most of their homes, and not just the home itself. Whether it’s entertaining or relaxing after a workday, a yard is the new best place to hang out. Because of this increase, a nice lawn has also become more important.

Many new homeowners are installing lawn irrigation systems before they even finish building their house. Existing homes are adding in lawn watering systems as well. Lawns themselves are becoming more aimed at quality that will last, so some homeowners are adding quality grass like NZ kikuyu lawns that will keep their lawn looking amazing for years. Even general yard work is turning towards things like using bark for landscaping, which make it easier to keep out weeds and is simple to upkeep. The general aim here is making life easier with simple to care for lawns, and systems in place to keep it looking great.

Another exciting new home trend is building a functional oasis in the backyard. One example is a pool that acts as a tropical escape, complete with comfortable seating, waterfalls and a lovely pool fencing to create an intimate feel. Here are just some of the easy and beautiful ways you can decorate your pool area.  


In the same tone as above, minimalism fits nicely into the theme of making life easier for ourselves. Some people are taking it to the extreme, by building things like tiny houses, using Christchurch kitchen suppliers to make the most out of small spaces. For inside a regular home, designers are using larger and more textured pieces to fill up a room, rather than multiple small things cluttering it up. For example,  maybe you just have a queen sized bed frame, a chair and a nice rug to fill up a bedroom, but making all three something really exciting to look at and to stand out.

Many different decluttering techniques have come up in recent years to help people clear out their homes of extra junk. There are even documentaries on minimalism that have inspired people to take on the trend, and we’ll see this persist over the next few years as well.

Mixing patterns and colours

If you pay any attention to the fashion world, you’ll see that mixing clothing patterns has been a trend for the last few seasons. This delightfully bold technique is moving into home design as well. Mixing patterns and colours makes for a more interesting house, but still doesn’t overwhelm the senses like a home with too many items in it does. Especially for those of us who like the more minimalist furniture style, using a mixing technique like in these tips will really help to fill up your space.


The do it yourself (DIY) bubble is starting to burst when it comes to home design. People are focusing on not only quality over quantity, but quality and individual over cheap. Artisanal, or more unique, handmade items, have their own sense of identity, rather than the mass produced items that everyone has and are instantly recognised.

Quality and uniqueness go beyond simply artisanal furniture and decorations, it’s also about the home itself. Homeowners are more likely to look for quality in their build itself, anywhere from Tauranga drainlayers, to the home insulation they use like this in Auckland. Homeowners are seeing the benefit of spending more money now, to help their home last longer. Even down to asphalt installation, people are tending to go for designs that set them apart and that lasts.

Overall, the trend for 2017 and beyond is to try and live more simply by making the most of what you have, getting rid of what doesn’t make you happy, and making more room to spend the time with people you love. Happy home designing!

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