Ways To Make The Most Of Outdoor Living In Your Home

If you have an outdoor space but are not using it very often then it could benefit from a few creative touches to encourage you to spend more time out there. Spending time outdoors is good for your health and general well being. Create an area that you will love to spend time in, a comfy entertaining space or somewhere cosy to relax with a good book.

Expand your interior living space by adding french or sliding doors from a bedroom onto a patio for a private space to sit and relax. Adding easy access from your kitchen to an outdoor area creates an al fresco dining experience for the family or perfect for entertaining. Just remember to install a suitable lock if your outside area includes a pool for increased child safety.

The climate throughout most of New Zealand allows for comfortable use of outdoor areas for many months a year. A well designed home will have outdoor areas sheltered from prevailing winds but positioned for maximum sun. Consider a shelter, roof or shade sail to protect you from the harshest of the sun’s rays though. If strong winds are an issue you can build or grow windbreaks to improve your outdoor experience.

Comfy chairs are essential for spending time outside so choose wisely. If you have removable cushions to store and protect from the weather then there are numerous designs of garden sheds to choose from. Adding plants in pots or growing vines across a pergola will enhance the area, but don’t obscure the view of your garden too much. It is easy to create an outdoor room as an extension to your indoor living space with careful thought and planning.

Many New Zealanders enjoy cooking and entertaining in their outdoor living spaces. From a simple barbecue to an outdoor pizza oven there are many options for preparing food outside. Some barbecues would rival many indoor kitchens with full spits for roasting and multiple grilling surfaces!

For chilly evenings an outdoor fireplace can extend the length of time you can sit outside without resorting to jackets and blankets. A fireplace is cosy and relaxing to look as well as providing warmth. To add to the cosy atmosphere of a fireplace, outdoor lighting can also help you enjoy your outdoor living space more often. Lights don’t have to be reserved for Christmas decorations only. Enjoy the twinkling of exterior lights all year around. Solar powered options will save you on the electricity bills too.

To really take the indoors outside look at installing external speakers so you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst entertaining or relaxing. You can get wireless outdoor Wifi antennas to enable your family and guests to stay connected whilst getting outdoor time. You could even turn your outdoor living area into a temporary home office if you desire.

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