10 Ideas To Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

Whether you’ve got a big family or small, heaps of friends or just a small close knit group, hosting for the holidays is always a tiny bit stressful. Or for some of us, a whole lot stressful.  Some of us planning ahead type of people will be busy getting that designer couch installed or having interior painters coming in to freshen up your home’s look. Those of us who are far less prepared and tend to rely on the last minute adrenaline might be scurrying to have their leather upholstery repaired in Auckland the day before guests come sit on that same leather furniture.

Whatever your style of getting ready is, we’ve got you covered with tips for getting your home Christmas ready, and how to deal with the aftermath post the Christmas craziness.

Before Christmas:


The fastest way for your home to feel tiny is to fill it with a whole bunch of people and have all of your things stacked in corners and falling out of cupboards. Try and avoid this by doing a big declutter project at least one to two months out from people coming to stay. There’s plenty of different and creative ways to declutter, so try and one that fits you best and that you can commit to. Nothing will make you lose motivation faster than a cleaning plan that’s too overwhelming or time consuming.

Not only will you feel better with less things in your home after you’ve decluttered, but you’ve also just cleared out plenty of room for guests to store their things while they visit. Try and leave a drawer or two in your guest rooms, or some space in the closet, to allow them to feel more at home.


If you’re in a cold climate around Christmastime, this is a great time to get your home winter ready. Consider a Wellington double glazing service to keep your home warm and cozy. Even if you’re in a warm climate for Christmas, this might be the best time to get your windows retrofit double glazed from this company in Wellington, since you have your home cleaned out and decluttered.

In a warm climate, you can also get your outdoor area ready for guests to enjoy. One great option is to install a backyard fireplace that will allow your family to gather around. If you’ve got a lot of little children coming over as well, make your yard a fun place for them to hang out and play and stay occupied.


Once you’ve tidied up and decluttered what you can, you can finally get to that deep clean that you’ve been wanting to do for months. Or, better yet, you can hire a Wellington cleaning service to come in and do it for you!

You can also finally take care of things you meant to a long time ago, like flood damage clean up, or that flood restoration for your furniture. If any of your furniture needs tidying, you can also have someone come in to repair your leather couch or any other furniture that needs a little help before guests come over use it.

Prepare supplies

It’s always a good idea to be prepared with any supplies you think you’ll need for the season. Think about stocking up your freezer with all kinds of roasts or whole birds, and other things that can cook up easily for large groups. Stock up also on guest supplies like extra towels, shampoo, soap, and anything else you think they’ll need so they don’t have to run out to the store a bunch of times. Clean the christmas silverware or anything special that you’ll be breaking out for Christmas dinner.

Driveway and pavement

The front of your home is what your guests will see first, so you might want to put a little effort into sprucing it up. Clear out your driveway of any extra cars or various equipment so there’s plenty of room for guests to park. Trim up those hedges and cut the grass a few days before guests arrive. If you have the energy, here’s a few lovely outdoor decorations to greet your guests.


If you still have time to decorate after all of that, now’s your chance! Try going with some homemade Christmas decorations if you’ve got lots of time, or try some of these quick and easy decorations to put something together fast.

After Christmas:

Clean again

Yes, we know it feels like you just cleaned. No, that doesn’t mean you get to skip it! In fact, cleaning after Christmas is just as important as before, part of which we’ll go over below. Some cleaning companies may have a deal around the holidays where you can get a cheaper price for them to come in several times over the holiday season, making it easier for you to schedule.

Pest control

All those crumbs dropped and wine spots will definitely add up after having guests over or cooking plenty of large dinners. This can lead to pests, if your home is prone to that. If you’re having guests stay for multiple days, there’s even a chance of something worse, like bed bugs or fleas. Make sure you call pest control out to your home as soon as your guests leave if there’s any likelihood of an issue.

With all of that said, you’ll probably never be 100% ready for Christmas. There’s always a little spot that didn’t get cleaned, or something you forgot to buy before guests start arriving. The point is to try and make the season as stress free as possible, so that you can truly enjoy every moment with guests in your home. Get these tips out of the way early on, and you’ll be able to sit back and sip that Christmas cocktail of your choice and have a most merry Christmas.

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