12 Ways To Refresh Your Bedrooms

It’s quite easy to forget to keep up to date, decorate and refresh your bedrooms, as after all, you spend the majority of your time asleep and not awake in them. However you do need to consider the fact that a bedroom is where your day begins and where your day ends. Therefore, it’s important that it’s a place that you’re comfortable in, and puts you in a good mood from the beginning to the end of your day. Let’s go through 12 ways of how you can you refresh your bedrooms.

  1. The View

It’s very easy to overlook the window area of a bedroom. However something as simple as some new curtains or voiles can really change the look and feel of a room. If you are a light sleeper then consider using blackout blinds but if you are not, you can add some light, airy white curtains. To also enhance your own view from your window, you could get stamped concrete
 or decorative concrete, which will improve the look from your window.

  1. Colour Schemes

A lick of paint can quickly renew and refresh a dull and tired looking bedroom. If you’re looking to decorate a bedroom so that you feel bright and alive in the morning but soothed and relaxed at night, go for a darker colour such as teal.

  1. Décor

If you want to make a room appear to be larger, then consider adding some mirrors to the room as they help light to bounce around a space. To make a bedroom come alive hang pieces of art on the walls and place personal items such as photographs around the bedroom.

  1. Create Space

Look at your bedrooms and consider the best way in which you can position things so that you create the maximum amount of space. If you can make a bedroom look less busy you’ll soon see that it feels less cluttered and spacious, and therefore less stressful.

  1. Fresh Flowers

The simplest way of refreshing a bedroom is to add some fresh flowers to it. Choose a vase that’s either made of porcelain or glass, as these materials are nice and simple. If cost is an issue then opt for a single flower and add lots of greenery to your flower arrangement. At this point it is also worth noting that some fresh flowers may carry insects that can be stubborn to get rid of. Also bear in mind that if you have pets, they could also carry fleas and getting rid of fleas can also be challenging. Plants such as citronella are ideal in repelling bugs and will still give a fresh and inviting look to your home.

  1. Wallpaper

A very simple makeover idea is to use wallpaper to refresh a bedroom. Wallpapers are now extremely durable and trendy. If you decide to just wallpaper one wall it can become a feature wall as well as the statement wall in a bedroom.

  1. Bedding

A very important aspect to a bedroom is the bedding.  The more luxurious that it feels, the better you will feel when you are sleeping in it. You could look to add a luxurious throw or even splash out on some Egyptian cotton. Ultimately there’s nothing quite as nice as fresh, clean bedding. It’s also worth investing in a selection of pillows. This does not mean you need to buy an abundance of pillows, but it is worth having a few different types of pillows to ensure that you have the right pillow to suit you and the way that you sleep.

  1. Add Hotel Inspired Touches

A great way of refreshing a bedroom is to add elements of luxury to it.  For example you could add a coffee bar with coffee tea and coffee making facilities, a mini refrigerator or a small couch which will make a bedroom feel more like a suite, if you’ve got the space.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is extremely important in any room in a home and in the bedroom it’s more important than ever. You need to ensure that your bedrooms have a mixture of task lighting as well as mood lighting. As lighting can be costly, an inexpensive way of updating your lighting is to add dimmer switches.

  1. Decluttering

An inexpensive way of refreshing the bedroom is by decluttering the space. Donate any unwanted clothes to charity shops and tidy away items that are not in use. Once you donate any unwanted clothes, not only will you have a tidier wardrobe, you’re more likely to organise and put items away as things are more likely to have a designated area.

In the bedroom you also need to make sure that you utilise all the space that you have to ensure that your bedroom is a calm and tranquil area. Therefore, make sure that you use all the space that you have effectively, for example, the space underneath of your bed. You can even consider built-in storage, as this is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of any space that you have. If this is not an option, add shelves or use boxes to keep things neat and tidy. If you can’t have built in storage then you could get flat pack fitters to advise or help you in assembling stand alone furniture. An example of this is using an Ikea assembly service.

  1. Technology

Technology really needs to be banned from the bedroom. Consider whether you really need to have a television in your bedroom. Equally, is it wise to check emails and social media before you go to sleep? Research has highlighted that the blue light given off from items such as tablets, mobile phones and televisions mimic daylight and therefore prevent sleep. Blue light can also affect your brain’s sleep/wake cycles so for this reason technology is one of the most important aspects that you need to remove from the bedroom in order to feel refreshed yourself.

  1. Textures and Patterns

Bedrooms need to have cushions, throws and curtains regardless of the season. These items help to make a bedroom feel welcoming and cosy. If you want to refresh your bedroom and make it look more glamorous and boutique-like, then consider adding metallics and textures that shimmer or shine. If you don’t have carpet in your bedroom and have wooden flooring, consider adding a soft rug to refresh your bedroom to make it feel warm and cosy.

With just a few touches and a bit of effort, we hope you can now see that it’s not difficult or necessarily expensive to refresh and revitalise your bedrooms!

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