2020 Trends In Home Improvement

Changing your home design not only gives a fresh look to your house, but also helps get troubles out of your mind and might even help you develop new talents. Do you think this requires time, a lot of work and a large budget? We are in 2020! With the internet, no need to hire a professional. You can buy cheap materials online and read or watch tutorials to do it yourself for most smaller projects. Here are a few ideas on how to improve your home in 2020.

Build a terrace

The art of living takes root in the garden. Read and relax on the terrace, host friends and family around a barbecue or even better, with a real outdoor kitchen! Having a terrace is already good, but you should have a terrace designed according to your tastes and your lifestyle. A bit of effort here can  allow you to feel like you’re on holiday at home!

As the weather can often be a little fickle with snow and rain showers, also plan driveways to access the front door and the garage. It’s always better to go around the house without dirtying your shoes! 

Buy outdoor lounge sets and you’re all sorted. And what about you protect your terrace from the sun with a bioclimatic pergola?

Isolate the roof

Tired of the lengthy electricity bills? The best way to preserve your home from the summer heat and the winter cold is to isolate. You can start with the roof. It takes full whip solar radiation, which is why by properly insulating the attic of your home, you will gain comfort! Rooms located under the roofs and on the floors will be much cooler with well insulated eaves.

Maintain the vent system

At the end of the winter, the filters of your ventilation system often get clogged. In the fall and winter, there is a tendency to stay confined and ventilate less frequently. The use of wood-burning appliances, the room fragrances and incense, can aggravate indoor air pollution.

To be able to breathe healthy air inside your house, start with rug cleaning. But we do recommend that you clean the filters, grills and air intakes. You can hire a professional to service your Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV). It’s even mandatory for those who own a gas VMC.

Repaint the exterior of your house

When good weather is back, take this opportunity to treat or repair of the outdoor walls of your home. A facade in good condition can preserve the insulation of your home and prevent moisture infiltration inside the building envelope.

Paint walls and facades

It’s one of the most obvious and easy-to-do solutions is to repaint your house. Bringing a refreshing touch to your walls will allow you to renovate at a lower cost. If you want to renovate yourself, you will save money. Without the costs of hiring a painting company, you will then only have to worry about buying the paint, the colour of your choice, as well as all the necessary elements in a specialised store.

Sort, store and make room

Now, let’s talk about the inside. No matter what style of home decoration you choose, it always starts with a good cleaning. Throw or give away all the decorating elements that will not fit in with the new style of your interior and try to make maximum room. Whether you want a Scandinavian, rustic, contemporary or vintage decoration, a successful decoration always starts with sorting, storing, and making room.

Change the colours

The choice of the right colours is essential for a trendy and airy home decoration. To enlarge a room, opt for light colours that will not only promote brightness, but will also give the illusion of a larger room. The colours chosen for the walls are part of the rules to keep in mind before embarking on decoration. Pale green, off-white, light blue or powdery pink will be perfect.

How to choose curtains

Making a warm, cosy atmosphere, and bringing intimacy and style at home, curtains can play a major role in your interiors. Occulting, insulating, veiling or embroidered, there are a multitude of draperies to dress your windows and give style to your house. So get your sewing machine needles out!

Illuminate the decor with mirrors

The mirrors, in addition to being decorative, provide narrow rooms with an impression of depth. Whether in wood, wrought iron, round or rectangular, mirrors will preferably be placed in front of windows to give more light to your rooms.

No need to always keep the same frames on the wall. It’s simple and inexpensive to get new ones, to add a little colour and dynamism, or to balance a decor. Virtually any image becomes interesting when framed.

Enhance the mood with light fixtures

One of the important elements of interior design is lighting. Natural light is preferred, but the use of lighting is essential for complete lighting. A beautiful light can change a room in the blink of an eye and create a mood adapted to it.

Make for a trendy look with trendy furniture

Once you have changed the decor why don’t you also change the furniture? The newest trend styles currently come from northern Europe, where we like minimalism and wood. Instead of heavy and dark, light and pastel colours are used, often along with tulle netting fabric. They attract the light and give a sense of calm.

Add a matching lamp to the curtains, decorate a neutral room with a few touches of colour, and choose new furniture. You can buy Persian rugs online but think about reusing what you already have. Even car custom upholstery can make for a beautiful sofa! 

Bringing these elements into the decor of your house will allow you to sublimate your indoor atmosphere in a simple way, but an effective one, in just a few moves.

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