5 Of The Most Common Roofing Problems

Roofing may seem like something too trivial to worry about when constructing your home or a commercial building. The truth is that the roof brings a building together. It’s one of the first things someone sees when coming to your home. Usually, homeowners go for an exquisite roof over a durable one, which is a very bad choice. A good roofing company or contractor can give you an equally exquisite and durable roof in one package. A building can have roof issues in a short time depending on what is causing the problem. What you’ll learn from roofing is that issues normally start as minor problems before they grow into major problems.

A beautiful and strong roof is something every building needs. Roofs can have a variety of problems depending on the weather, environment, and strength of the material used in the manufacturing and installation of the roof. Below a few of them are mentioned:


A bad roofing contractor can be the end of your building. Your contractor has to know what materials to use for your house that matches the weather and environment you live in. Not only the materials but a good and steady installation too. A good roof can be installed horribly. An example of this is the flat roof, a flat roof is known for its beauty but not its durability. In order to install a durable flat roof, one needs to know about roofing options for flat roofs because one simple mistake in installation or material can destabilise your roof. There are many articles on commercial flat roof systems that you can access easily, with the know-how your contractor will not be able to play you for a fool. 

A bad contractor can use bad materials like asbestos; asbestos is a health hazard even though it has strong properties. Asbestos has been banned from the roof market, though old houses usually have asbestos roofs. If you’re buying a house or living in a house with an asbestos roof, asbestos has to be removed by an asbestos removal crew or asbestos demolition contractors who work with 3m PPE safety equipment as not everyone can handle asbestos. To avoid all the problems that follow a poor installation, get a good contractor. It may not be cheap but you can be assured that your roof won’t give you issues for years.


Proper and effective ventilation is essential for the sustenance of your roof. Ventilation is important to you as a person as it is to your roof. If your roof isn’t properly ventilated it will store heat and moisture. That would be uncomfortable for anyone because not only will your house be constantly hot it will also create the perfect environment for the growth of mildew and mould which is bad for you. 


Flashing is the part of the roof that joins two separate joints together and prevents roof leakage. It can join your roof to the chimney, or to a skylight, etc. Flashing is usually made from copper and aluminium that is specifically tailored to be anti-rust and weatherproof. Due to the delicacy of flashing, when it gets damaged by breaking off, poor installation or heavy-duty work can cause leakages that can be bad news for your building usually in bad weather like heavy rain or snow. These leakages will flow directly into your building and cause damage that will cost you a lot of money, especially when it is not attended to as soon as possible.


For your roof to last long it has to be properly maintained. Even when a contractor does an exceptional job on your roof, their work ends there and yours continues. Like we said earlier,  roofs usually have small issues that grow into giant ones. A little leakage is a minor problem but when the little leakage begins to eat up a hole in your roof then you start to worry. Proper and timely maintenance can prevent most of the issues that come with roofs. It can be a clogged gutter or a chip in the paint or a nest of termites, any of these can grow into issues that are bad for your roof. Your roof should be checked by a professional at least once a year.


You’re wondering about trees right? These trees can be bad for you and your roof when they grow unchecked. A heavy branch can just break off and fall onto your roof and create a large hole in it. A branch can scratch off your roof’s paint or break off the roof’s flashing especially in weathers that are known to come with strong winds. A tree may not seem like an initial problem but as time goes on and trees grow bigger, they can become a big problem to you and your roof.


A lot of other things can cause problems for your roofs like pests, cracked shingles, roof shrinkage and many more. Knowing what can cause damage to your roof can make you a better owner, preventing all the damage that can come about from ignorance of the above mentioned and allow you to enjoy your house.

Reading up on roofing can be a great help when you’re about to get into it. You can always catch up on some techniques that you feel would suit you and your environment like interior painting services, exterior painting services, commercial building renderings (this has proven to be better alternative to flashing with metals as cement can last longer than aluminium or copper), laserlite polycarbonate roofing that not only extends the life of the sheet, keeps the colour clear, it is also protected from UV rays and weatherproof (essentially all you need in a good roof).

To keep your roof at its maximum capacity, you simply need a good contractor with good materials and proper maintenance all these can make your roof and its environment better, you just have to know more about them.

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