5 Ways To Refresh Your Bedrooms

You may think that there is no point in refreshing your bedroom as you only really spend time in there when your eyes are closed, asleep. However, if you think about it, your bedroom is the place where your day begins and also the place where you refresh and recharge. With this in mind it is one room in your house that really deserves refreshing! So, why not take a look at the 5 ways we think you could refresh your bedroom to make it into a place that you want to spend time in.

  1.     Paint

There is no doubt that paint in any bedroom can completely alter the atmosphere and ambience of the room and how you feel when you enter that room. It’s said that it can even have a psychological impact on how you feel and also affect the quality of your sleep. Some shades are believed to stimulate sleep and some have a relaxing effect, which means the sleeper has a better night sleep in general. If you consider the fact that hotels tend to paint their rooms specific colours, there has to be a reason for it. So, when considering what to paint your room, it is worth considering these points before getting in the professional painters for your Otago home, or anywhere your home is located:

A Green Room – Enables a refreshing start to your day, so you begin your day feeling positive and upbeat.

A Yellow Room – Promotes relaxation and stimulates the nervous system.

A Purple Room – This colour is mentally stimulating and therefore offers the least amount of sleep, causing difficulties when trying to shut down for the evening.

A Teal Room – A colour which makes you feel revived when you wake but soothed at night time.

A Light Brown Room – Believed to be the best colour for couples as it promotes more intimacy than any other colour.

A Blue Room – The best colour to stimulate more sleep.

  1.     Lighting

For some of us bedrooms are not just a room for sleeping, but a multi-functional room where we sleep, read and work so the lighting has to fit. Our tips for perfecting your lighting follow:

Ceiling Lighting – for everyday tasks, a centrally located ceiling light will provide the perfect glow for the entire room. It is worth purchasing a light-coloured shade with a low wattage bulb to avoid the light feeling harsh.

Reading Lamp – To make sure that vision doesn’t become strained, especially if you’re a book lover, you need to carefully balance your lighting so that you have a relaxing glow and at the same time brightness which is suitable for reading in. Opt for wall mounted lamps which are height adjustable but ensure that you cannot see the bulb and that you can read without disturbing anyone else in the room.

Romantic LightingSoft accent lighting works the best if you are looking to create a romantic ambience. Perhaps install a dimmer switch or even a string of fairy lights or clusters of candles.

Wardrobe Lighting – LED lighting installed in your wardrobe eradicates those situations where you’re having to find your clothes amongst the dark. This is also an energy efficient option too.

Decorative lighting –  Aside of lighting up your room, lighting is also a stylish accessory. So, opt for a lampshade or pendent which complements the look of your room or be bold and go for a supersized or sculptural style.

  1.     Flooring

It’s worth investing in a rug if you have hard flooring in your bedroom. There’s nothing worse that getting up on a cold morning and stepping onto a hard-cold floor. Additionally, a rug can add a twist to your décor with a new colour. If money isn’t an issue then it may even be worth considering some underfloor heating to add some comfort to your mornings. If you have carpet in your bedroom, then North Shore carpet cleaning is a must in order to refresh your bedroom. In this case you can either get the professional Wellington carpet cleaning companies in or head online and pick your own cleaning product supplies and get scrubbing.

  1.    Beds

When it comes to the furniture in your bedroom, nothing is as important as beds in Auckland, and especially your mattress. Follow these tips to refresh and clean your mattress:

Give the mattress a good vacuum – remember to clean the top and sides to remove any accumulated dust.

Remove any stains and deodorise – create a solution of dishwashing soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Air your mattress – if possible air the mattress outside and if not open your bedroom windows so that fresh air can circulate your bed.

Reduce your bedroom humidity and temperature –  this will help reduce the growth of dust mites. A tip: sprinkle your mattress with baking soda with an essential oil that you like. Leave this for a while and then vacuum away.

Buy a mattress protector –  After following the above steps you want your mattress to stay fresh so place a mattress protector over it to protect your bed from stains, allergens and spills.

  1. Final Touches

And finally, consider these final little touches that finish your bedroom making it the place that you want to spend time in:

Fresh Flowers: Nothing can brighten and freshen up a room like a vase of fresh flowers.

Furniture – How about painting or reupholstering any furniture that you may have in your bedroom? A quick search online for terms such as ‘Auckland sofa upholstery’, ‘furniture makeover’ or ‘painting furniture’ is sure to stir up some inspiration for you.

Artwork – Search local markets and online for unique pieces of art that could boost old tired bedroom walls.

Linen -A new duvet cover can do wonders when it comes to freshening up your bedroom. It may be worth purchasing a few different sets to reflect different seasons or themes.

The View –  It’s easy to forget about dressing your window but simply adding a new set of curtains to your bedroom window can alter the look and mood of the room. For a secluded window choose a white gauze curtain or go for blackouts if you prefer a dark room for sleeping.


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