6 Ways To Decorate Your Bedrooms

Whether you’re looking to decorate a newly built house, or you’re just looking to refresh your stale, tired bedrooms, there’s thousands of ways you can do it. Decorating a bedroom is often times left until the end to complete, as we’re so focussed on getting the rest of the house in order, especially areas that guests will see! But there’s plenty of research out there that tells us that a calm, relaxing and enjoyable environment for our bedrooms is actually really important. Not only will it help us sleep better, but it will promote creativity and motivation to get up in the morning, and will be a haven for you on those especially tough days.

If we’ve convinced you to get to decorating your bedroom as soon as possible, the next step is deciding how on earth you want to decorate it! This can be overwhelming for those of who don’t have a clear vision of what we want, so let’s go through 5 of the best ways to decorate your bedroom without having to become an interior designer first, or spending heaps of cash on hiring one.

Soften the vibe

The bedroom is meant for only a few things: sleep, relaxation, and romance. Harsh lighting doesn’t belong in any of those categories. Because you occasionally need strong overhead lighting for cleaning or putting things away, we recommend a good mix of layered lighting. This means that you can easily create the ambiance you want.

You’ll need a good mix of task lighting, which is essentially lighting to help with particular tasks like putting away your laundry or reading a book, and then ambient lighting as well. Ambient will be the soft, dimmed lighting which you can leave on while getting ready for bed or relaxing. Try and keep ambient lighting on the sides of your room or angled down, as overhead lighting can be too harsh. Consider options like hanging lanterns, bedside lamps and fairy lights.

Create good storage

Seeing clothes or other items laying around in your bedroom is a fast way to feel stressed out and frustrated at the mess. This is not a good way to help you relax and fall asleep! We recommend having the right kind of storage for your bedroom so that everything has its place. For small or odd shaped bedrooms, work with a timber joinery company to custom build storage that fits in your tight corners or small closets. A joiner can also help build custom wall storage to keep things off the floor.

Create a quiet corner

This one goes out to all of you readers, journalers, and general dreamers. Having a quiet corner to relax before sleep to do a bit of reading, sitting or meditating is both a luxury and a necessity. To create, make it as comfortable as you can by purchasing a comfortable chair or other seating arrangement like pillows and blankets on the floor. Have good task lighting, like a reading lamp available. Create a bit of seclusion with a canopy or even a room divider.  

Choose the right colour scheme

This one is vital for decorating a bedroom that speaks to you. It’s important to get over what we all think is the “right” colour scheme for bedrooms, and to go with whatever makes you feel calm. Whether that’s bright purple or a deep scarlet or even a simple beige, it’s your bedroom, and your choice. Whatever colour scheme you do end up with, we do recommend keeping it simple. For example, if you are going with a bright colour or two, stick to those prominent colours and choose accent patterns and textures rather than adding too much detail. You want your brain to able to slow down and not take in as much sensory information in the bedroom, so keep that in mind.

If you’re going for a more simple or subtle colour, consider adding pops of colour elsewhere. Check with roof painting specialists to see if they also do ceiling work to add a pattern or textured ceiling for a point of interest. Add an accent wall or add accent pops of colour in lights, curtains or rugs.  

Keep it warm

A warm bedroom is practically a necessity for a cozy space. While you don’t want to be sweltering under the blankets, the room itself should convey an inviting warmth by adding small touches like throw blankets and rugs to warm up the space. Plus, no one wants to get out of bed in the morning and feel cold hardwood floors on their toes!

Consider speaking with a flooring specialist to see if your floors can accommodate underfloor heating or springy floorboards. For those with hardwood floors, think about adding carpet to cozy up the room, or add plush rugs near your bed. Keep throw blankets on chairs and near your bed so you can wrap one around you while reading before sleep.

Add some green

Finally, finish off your bedroom decoration with some greenery. Plants not only look great and add bright patches of colour to your decor, they also help produce oxygen and are natural air purifiers. You could even create an decorative wall of plants with one of these options. Here’s a list of the best plants to keep in your bedroom.

Remember that your bedroom is your sacred space, and one that no one else needs to even see if you want it that way. That means that you don’t need to decorate with anyone else in mind or worry about what anyone thinks. This place is yours, and you should decorate exactly as you see fit, as well as exactly what will help you relax and unwind.

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