Autumn Care Must Do’s

Autumn is a time of year that is busy for a garden as you’ll need time to clear away all the decay of the summer and begin to prepare your garden for the winter months. We will provide you with some tips to get your home winter ready.


Make a compost heap with any annual beds. Replant these beds with winter plants such as wallflowers, bellis daisies and pansies so that you have a colourful display ready for spring.

Autumn is the perfect time to move any plants that have been planted poorly and also as the soil is still warm, it is a great time to divide any perennials which have overgrown. Use this guide for helping you divide plants. Any perennials that have faded need to be cut back to 5 cm above ground level. You don’t need to be tidy when doing this as some perennials have seed heads that are attractive and look really nice when they are covered in the dew that Autumn brings. Additionally, they provide insects shelter. Once you have cleaned and tidied your borders, use a wheelbarrow to spread bark chips, compost, Hamilton garden mulch or manure across the beds. You don’t need to dig this in as the worms will do this job for you.

Compost Bins

After clearing out vegetable pots and borders, you will accumulate a lot of plant material for your compost heap. Autumn is the perfect time of year to get rid of last year’s compost and make use of it around your garden. This way you will make room for this season’s garden waste in your compost bin. If you find that your compost is not ready, then turn it in order to improve decomposition. At the end of the day, you can’t ever have too much compost.

Greenhouse Paint

As the days become shorter, natural light becomes more and more valuable. In autumn remove the shade paint in your greenhouse to ensure that your plants receive the maximum amount of sunlight that is available. Using hot water, scrub any glass to make it clean and sparkle. Check your gutters and make sure there are no leaves trapped which may be preventing rain from escaping from the room of the greenhouse. At the same time, replace any glass which has become damaged or broken.

Greenhouse Spring Clean

As you’ve cleaned the outside of the greenhouse you may as well clean the inside of it too. This way you will reduce pests and get rid of ants in your Auckland house etc. as well as remove any disease. If you come across any pest related problems then you may need to contact a commercial pest control and chemicals company. Before sweeping away any plant debris, remove any plants. You will need to use disinfectant for the glass, staging and paths. Finally remember to ventilate the greenhouse so that it has a chance to dry out thoroughly.

During the winter months, as it’s a quiet time for the garden, it’s a great time to wash out seed trays and pots so that they are ready for spring planting and sowing. Remember that you can sow many different vegetables over the winter period.


If your Auckland lawn turf looks worse for wear then a perfect time to restore it is Autumn. Remove any moss and old grass clippings and use a rake to add these to your compost heap. If moss is an issue in your garden you may need to use a moss killer. The soil may have become compacted in areas where there is a lot of wear such as play areas, paths and on driveways. You may have to look at asphalt driveway patches if that’s the case with your own driveway.

Create deep holes using a garden prong to drain and aerate. After doing this, brush in a sandy top dressing and lawn feed to ensure grass growing in NZ takes place. Lay any additional turf now too so that it becomes established before the summer. Remember that come spring, your lawn may not recover and you may have to look into options like liquid lawn.


With your backyard pool you will find that you won’t need to use as many chemicals as you did in the winter as the pool is not used as much and evaporation isn’t as big an issue. In Autumn, check pool chemistry once a week. Skim the pool to remove any debris and leaves as leaves can stain the bottom of a pool if left in there too long. If you have an above ground pool, consider looking into the price of an inground pool in Auckland as you may find that autumn care is much easier.


Evergreens are the backbone of any garden as they provide continuity and structure all year round. Therefore, the more evergreens you have in your garden, the better it will look in the winter. As the conditions are cooler and the soil is still warm, Autumn is the best time to fill in any gaps that are in your garden. Daphne and Sarcococca will bring your garden fragrant, glossy, green flowers and keep your garden looking interesting over the winter months. If you would like a beautiful shrub which is larger then opt for Fatsia or Camellias which flower in spring. If you’d rather have a more formal look, then choose yew or box topiary. Holly, Bay and Lonicera nitida can be clipped into shapes that are formal and also make very good evergreen hedges.  

Garden Equipment

Before you put your lawn mower away, it may be worth considering getting it serviced so that when it comes to spring, it’s in tip top condition. Sharpen all secateurs and shears which you can do yourself if you don’t want to send them away. Wash all forks, spades and other tools and once they have thoroughly dried, oil the metal parts to prevent any rusting. Use linseed oil to protect and clean any wooden handles.

Indoor care

Your Autumn care isn’t just limited to the outdoors. Autumn cleaning is especially important in homes that tend to gather dust easy, and can make the potential for winter sickness even higher. Wipe down those glass balustrades in your Auckland home, and clean floors and walls before settling in for the winter.

Making a bit of effort this Autumn will make a big difference in the end, and allow you to cozy in for the winter when the temps drop!

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