Backyard Trends For This Year

The winter isn’t over yet, but we are focusing on the backyard trends for 2019, to enjoy the outdoor space when the summer arrives in all its glory!

Whether we have a small or a large garden, we take a lot of pleasure in designing it, to make it an inviting and elegant space! So, when the sunny days return, we can organise dinners with friends, birthday parties, barbeques etc.. We spend a lot of time outdoors to enjoy the sun, which is why we have to put love into our backyard. Infuse life into the garden by creating a garden room, developing a vegetable garden, setting up a play area for the kids amongst other things. In 2019, the garden landscaping trends have bohemian decor at the forefront, bright colours, natural pools, wicker furniture and much more. Let’s get our garden landscape supplies out in order to get down and dirty. 


After conquering our interiors, the bohemian spirit has invited itself into our backyard! This style of decoration is reflected in neutral or white wooden furniture, natural materials such as linen, cotton, jute etc.. There is also the use of ethnic carpets to warm the terrace, dream catchers and macramé suspensions. As for the furniture, we love wicker seating, swings and rattan sofas.


The line between interior and exterior has faded thanks to the trend of XXL porches or terraces installed as an extension of the living room. This extends to the garden furniture as well which takes on the look and feel of the interiors. Today we consider the exterior as an integrated part of the house. At times it is the first space guests see when they arrive, which is why more effort and thought is going into what one does with this space; right from the selection of the outdoor furniture to the aftercare.  

The basic idea? Find a common ground between the interiors and exteriors so that they appear to be an integrated space rather than two separate areas of the house. More and more people want to wake up and just walk off on to the porch from their bedroom. Some even prefer outdoor lounge or bathroom with an open roof to bathe under the stars.  This trend of taking the indoors out is gaining popularity. It is also why new outdoor pieces are designed to wander from the backyard into the living room. It can be seen in commonalities between the furniture and the decor of the two spaces such as the chairs braided identically as the seating in the living room, pieces of rot iron sofa etc.. 

Above all, the pieces of furniture multiply to compose an outdoor space at par with the indoors. In terms of landscaping, having water features, asphalt concrete driveways lined with beautiful crystal elements, a lattice gazebo, and the likes all add an element of oomph to your outdoor space. You can look at a reputed landscaper, seasoned decorative concrete specialists for a professional touch


Olive Green seems to be a crowd favourite. It is the colour of the season!  Chairs, sofas also gardening pots have taken to this hue. This star hue of the year 2019 lends itself beautifully to the natural surrounding as well as the other colours in vogue that one will see in many decorative accessories – garden lamps, sun umbrellas, and rugs in mustard yellow or terracotta. These shades stand out beautifully alongside this green and bring a chic, Mediterranean touch to the outdoor areas.


All outdoor professionals agree on one thing: comfort is a timeless trend for patio furniture. Regardless of the colours or materials in style, everything must address comfort first. The outdoor chairs are not as rigid as before, they offer better seating without compromising on the durability. The choice of materials is not the only parameter of comfort. The 2019 design highlights spacious furniture, with large cushions, bean bags, and hammocks, and all the furniture now comes in XL!


The vegetable garden has seen a makeover, people are growing unusual vegetables to add a touch of originality to their gardens! The trend of vegetarianism is gaining precedence; along with the farm to table concept. Thus, more and more home-owners are growing legumes, green vegetables, aromatic herbs and much more. Be sure to invest in some quality pest control solutions to keep your fruits of labour in good health. 


The gardens are being adorned with vibrant colours! We love the colourful flower beds, colourful borders, rainbow latticework, and also the coloured walls! The colour instantly makes the space more inviting. Pro tip: To make the garden more dynamic, paint your wooden barriers or panels in a bright shade to add that extra appeal. 


This year, homeowners are no longer satisfied with an armchair or a garden sofa; they want to accessorise the outdoors. Pedestal tables, dessert sets, trays or even trivets are all popular items used to accessorise the backyard. The goal is to add a personal note to the outdoor space. These accessories help transform the image of the outside because they immediately make it more homely and give it a habitable vibe.  


The nomadic theme is popular in 2019 summer season. More than ever, garden furniture seeks to enchant us with colours and textures inspired by distant lands. The aim is to reproduce the spirit of the rigid weavings, the basketry or the canvas, in the suppleness of the cushions! There is also the comeback of wooden structures for seating.  

When it comes to colours, earthy tones such as brown, rose, coral and terracotta are crowd pleasers – a nod to the different shades that the sun can bring – a deeply natural palette that infuses the summer into the backyard.  


Another trend in tune with the ‘going back to nature’ vibe is that of having a natural pool in the backyard. It has all the benefits of a pool but without the chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Perfect for hot summer afternoons! 

We hope you can keep some of these trends to keep in mind while updating your backyard and bring your backyard into a trendy future!

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