Big Trends To Follow For Your Pool Area

Swimming pools are more than just a place to swim in, they have become an area to relax and socialise in as well. In this article, we will take a look at the biggest trends that you need to follow for your pool area this year.

Swim Up Bar

When it comes to poolside luxury the swim up bar has been around since the 1970s and is still going strong. In 2019, however, this feature has been developed so that it is more like an outdoor kitchen, which is located at the pool. The swim up bar contains a counter-top and stools that sit in the actual pool itself.

Smart Pools

You want to be able to spend time enjoying your pool rather than looking after it. Therefore, it goes without saying that a smart pool that is easy to look after and is cost-effective is desirable. Smart pools have an inbuilt cleaning system that doesn’t require any input from you, so you don’t need to worry about things like blocked drains anymore. It is clear to see why these are a big trend this year.

Extravagant Touches

When it comes to the way a pool area is finished, luxury touches will be big in 2019. When it comes to the concrete, this can be finished in various textures and colours. Additionally, when it comes to landscaping the area around your pool there are also many options available such as a pool fence or a frameless glass balustrade that you can add so that you have your very own customised design.

Pergolas and Pavilions

In the past pergolas and pavilions have usually been used to provide shade within a backyard, but they have now become a part of the whole poolside experience. Usually, a pavilion is used when there is an outdoor kitchen in place and pergolas tend to be used to create a retreat-like look in the backyard. Both work perfectly to create shade as well as a place to relax in the outdoors. If you live in an area that has interchangeable weather you may want to consider a window and perhaps even window insulation in your pavilion, rather than a more open air pergola.

Smart Lighting

In 2019, smart lighting will continue to be on trend in the pool area of the garden. Adding lighting to a pool area is nothing new, but modern technology has taken this lighting to a new level. In the past, the choices were limited to one colour or a specific level of brightness. Now, however, there are many more options and lighting can be personalised using an app. This means you can adjust the brightness, colour and timing of your pool lights. This trend can make your pool area feel different each day and is sure to impress any guests that you have over.

Acrylic Edging

Adding an acrylic wall panel to your swimming pool is increasing in popularity. The benefit of using acrylic is that is has a higher impact resistance compared to glass and can be cut to different shapes. Also, it can be easily polished if it gets scratched, unlike glass.

Dark Pools

In the past, blue and white were the most popular choice when it came to swimming pool interiors. However, tiles have become more popular recently and therefore pools are looking much more natural. Dark pools can be complemented with a natural waterfall and rock features to create an oasis within your backyard. An additional benefit to dark pools is that they retain and attract the heat better than a lighter pool. This means your pool heating costs can be reduced. Finally, any debris or dirt does not stand out as much on a dark pool as it would on a lighter pool.

Mosaic Tiling

Although we like things to be low maintenance, mosaic tiles do look amazing. A lot of mosaic tiles are made from ceramic or glass that has been recycled. Although mosaic tiling can be expensive to begin with, they do pay off in the long run as they reduce the need and cost of chemicals as well as reduce the time you spend maintaining your pool.

Shallow Pools

The majority of swimming pools have a shallow and a deep end. The trend for this year, however, is to have a shallow pool or a plunge pool. There are many reasons for this and the first one is that sports and exercise in the pool are easier when the water is shallow. A shallow pool also reduces the cost of the excavation and therefore the swimming pool construction price will be lower. Before you decide to go ahead with this trend, make sure you carefully think about whether it suits your lifestyle and how you plan to use your pool.

Water and Fire

Although fire pits have been popular for a while, a combination of fire and water is becoming more popular. These two features provide a sound and light effect simultaneously. Plus, having a romantic evening in the pool can easily be accentuated with a lovely firepit going at the same time.

Tanning Shelves

A trend that seems to continue when it comes to the pool area is the tanning shelf. They are a great feature for both adults and children who prefer to spend more time in the shallow end of the pool, as it means you can relax or sunbathe whilst at the poolside.


If you own a small back yard or a townhouse then a spool is the ideal option for you. Spools are perfect for smaller spaces and also mean you will have the space for a kitchen or another outdoor feature.

There are certainly plenty of trends to choose from in 2019 to make sure that your pool area is the place to be this summer.

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