Creative Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Sprucing up your home doesn’t involve just a quick cleaning or adding a couple new family photos to your walls. To truly give your home an easy overhaul that makes visitors stop and ask, “what’s different”, you’ll need to go a little deeper. Read on for some relatively easy ideas to spruce, update, and make your home more cozy and comfortable.


One thing you might not think about when sprucing up your home is your heating and air conditioning quality. The temperature of your home has more of an effect on your quality of life than you might think. On top of that, you may have excessive costs that stem from having an old or poor quality heating or cooling system. If you live in temperate area, you may benefit greatly from a heat pump. Heat pumps work naturally to pull heat into your home without driving up a heating bill, like you’d have with a furnace. They’re much more energy efficient, making them more environmentally friendly as well as keeping your costs down.

A multi use heat pump will also be able to act as air conditioning in the summer, and will have the same benefits with costs and efficiency as in the winter time. High quality heat pumps will also have the function of making your air quality better with air cleaning.

Along with making sure your temperature is regulated with a heat pump, another way to not only add heat, but also increase the cozy factor of your home, is to consider adding a fireplace. Fireplaces will not only help with keeping your home warm, but can help you save money by only heating one room rather than your entire home. They’re also more environmentally friendly than a furnace, especially if you’re using a wood burning fireplace.

Double glazing

The benefits of double glazing are plentiful. The main benefit is simply keeping your heat in, and the cold out in the winter, and the other way around in the summer. Essentially another pane of glass is added to your window, leaving a small gap in between to soak up noises and heat or cold air from the outside.

Because double glazing has excellent insulation properties, you’ll be saving a lot of money after installation. This means that while you’re spending a lot of money to purchase them, you could potentially make it back after several years, depending on how bad your windows were in the first place.

Hiring a designer

The more typical ways people think of sprucing up a home are getting new furniture, changing the colour scheme, or maybe adding a new rug somewhere. While these are easy updates, they may not always be the best updates that match your home’s style and functionality. By far, the best way to spruce up your home effectively, is by hiring an interior designer.

Again, while small home purchases and a couple coats of paint can help brighten up a room, an interior designer can make these purchases more efficiently and actually more cost effective. With designer discounts and their eye for good deals, they’ll be able to find you that new rug or piece of art you’ve been looking for without breaking the bank.

If you’re the type that has no idea how to decorate, an interior designer is even better for you. First, do some research on how to choose an interior designer. Then, make sure you have an idea of what styles you like for your home.

Whether you’re looking to fully update your home or just add a few accent pieces to spruce it up, an interior designer will be efficient in finding you exactly what you need at a fair price, and provide you with suggestions for easy fixes.  


For less overall change in your home, another super simple way to spruce it up is to hire painters. A change of paint colour can completely transform your home, without having to spend much on expensive furniture or accents. Choosing a colour for each room is the most difficult part of this, but if you’ve decided to hire an interior designer, use their judgement as much as possible. If you’re doing it on your own, make sure you’re choosing a shade that works well with your current furniture.

Hiring painters is by far the easiest way to go about painting your home, especially if you have multiple rooms to paint. Doing it yourself is definitely possible, but is time consuming, difficult to get perfect, and all around frustrating when you aren’t a professional painter. Follow these tips to make sure you’re getting a professional and ethical painter, and you’ll be on your way to a dramatic and exciting change for your walls.


After all of those more invasive changes, perhaps you’ve taken a look around your home and truly believe that just a new couch or a different chair in a corner is all you need. Sometimes, even a simple little change of furniture can really update a room and make it cleaner or brighter.

If you’re adding new furniture, your absolute best bet is to go with designer furniture. Gone are the days of buying cheap sofas that fall apart after a few years, or purchasing used furniture online that’s already taken a beating. When you’re ready to make more of an investment in your home, designer furniture is the best way to go. Not only will it potentially last a lifetime, but it will consistently be a timeless centerpiece in your home.

If you already have decent furniture in your home but are still looking for a change, consider bringing in an upholstery specialist. This way, you can keep the strong and quality furniture you have, but update the colour or pattern to something that fits you and your home perfectly.

With just a few changes, big or small, you can make your home feel more like you, and be more comfortable at home. Your home is more than what’s on the walls or what you sit and sleep in, it’s about coziness and warmth, or staying cool and comfortable, and representing yourself through your decorations. These ideas for sprucing up your home can truly make it feel more like you, and will help you love your home for years to come!

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