Creative Renovations To Modernise Your Home

All of us would love to have a home that’s not only cosy but also well designed. Some of us are very effective at undertaking renovations ourselves, but a lot of us are not so good at doing this and therefore it’s something that’s not a possibility. If you fall into the group that isn’t any good at DIY, the lazy option would be to just go and hire somebody to renovate your property for you. This however doesn’t come cheap and can be messy. So, if you’re looking to creatively renovate your home to make it modern, we will provide you with some imaginative ways of how you can modernise your home without having to turn it upside down or spend a huge amount of money.

Open Spaces

A major plus when it comes to buying a home is to have an open space or an open floor plan. The majority of us would like an area where our dining room, family room and kitchen are open plan, as formal dining rooms seem to be going out of fashion. You’re probably now wondering how you can do this without having to knock down walls. Well it’s actually easier than you’d think and you can make your home feel more open by getting rid of any big or bulky furniture and by simply moving around the furniture that you already have to see if you can create more open space. If you can’t bear to get rid of the furniture that may be taking up a lot of space, you could consider painting the furniture an off-white colour, as this will help to make it look more invisible in the room and trick the mind into thinking that a space is more open and airy. Another option is to use mirrors, as mirrors give us the illusion of space. Place a mirror opposite a window as this will help to reflect light, which will make a room feel more open.


Lighting can really help to lift up a room that is poorly lit and looks dark, dingy and cramped. A brightly lit room on the other hand will feel airy, welcoming and open.  An easy way to modernise, update and brighten your home is to use table and floor lamps. Place floor lamps in dark corners and you will soon see how a space can totally change. To make a room feel cosy and welcoming, add lamps and place them on side tables.  Modernise your home by replacing out of date ceiling fixtures with more modern lighting options.

Windows and Doors

It’s easy to overlook your windows and it’s often difficult to decide whether you should leave your windows as they are or whether it is better to install some blinds, which provide privacy. What is important to remember is that windows need to be dressed because if you leave your windows bare, you are missing out on great area that can be easily decorated. Make sure that you dress your windows to suit your personal style and taste. Consider the colour scheme that you already have your room and use these to decide on the best curtains or blind options to suit the room. The easiest option would be to match curtains to whatever colour your walls are.

It is also worth remembering to ensure that your windows are in a good state of repair. A window repair 
company would be able to advise you on whether a repair or a replace is necessary. They will also be able to give you advice on the best glass coating available to suit your needs. It is also worth taking a look at your doors, as just like the windows, they are an ideal item to decorate a room, i.e. the style chosen. As your doors are also a safety feature, door experts will be able to update and provide advice with regards to the latest styles and locking mechanisms available.


No longer do you have to use wallpaper that is hard to remove. These days there is wallpaper that is easy to install and remove. These wallpapers comes in different styles and patterns and can soon modernise a room to the point that it looks like you had advice from an interior designer. These new wallpapers can also be removed very easily and simply peel off and do not cause any damage to the wall.

The Garden

An aspect of your home that can be easily overlooked is the garden. A creative way to modernise your home is to look at landscaping your garden. Usually we just plant a couple of trees and that’s it. What we don’t consider is the lack of curb appeal that this creates. It’s fair to say that not all of us are green fingered, but it’s not difficult to create some raised garden beds and plant more than just one or two trees. First of all take a trip to your local nursery and speak to the staff who will be able to provide you with some advice on what plants would best suit your garden, as well as which plants are easy to care for. Our advice is to start slowly and begin by adding just a few flowering shrubs to your front garden. You can then look to add a raised bed around your front door. Also remember to place any tall plants at the back and remember to read instructions on how to plant these plants. Before long, you’ll find that you have a wonderfully landscaped area.

Clean and Paint

If you don’t really feel like undertaking any DIY, but you are desperate to modernise your home, you can simply do a deep clean and freshen up your home with a fresh coat of paint. You can consider adding some accent walls and also don’t forget to paint your ceilings and not just your walls. By doing a deep clean and updating any painted areas you can really update your home quite simply.

You can probably see by now that it’s easy to get creative when it comes to renovating your home to make it feel modern, so get out there and get to work!  

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