Flooring And Carpeting Trends Of 2019

As our lives keep seem to be getting busier and busier the desire to have a home that’s comfortable and desirable increases. Everybody likes their home to have an individual style and the flooring and carpet that we choose add to this unique style. We will, therefore, take a look at what the latest trends in flooring and carpeting are in 2019.


Many carpet retailers will have all the latest trends and fashions that can be viewed in store and online. They will have a large range of carpet cleaning products, which may be useful if you are storing commercial flooring. It is worth listening to their advice, as each carpet will have its own specialist care instructions. If you are still unsure you can ask a store representative for the best carpet cleaner available. It is also worth looking at other accessories that carpet shops may have to finish off your look. For example, door stops and carpet grippers. Landlords may also want to check with carpet retailers about how to tackle meth contaminated homes or have questions about durable carpets. Below we will now list a selection of the latest trends in carpets:

  • Pattern

If you like patterns then you’re in luck this year. Chose from baroque, floral or statement like patterns. If you want to add a touch of luxury then opt for a baroque carpet and accessorise with gold and dark wood furniture.

If you want to be a bit more dramatic then consider colour blocking. The perfect way to do this is to add a multi-coloured block carpet to your room. Colour blocking rugs are also a cost-effective and easy way to lift and refresh a room that’s looking tired.

Floral carpets are no longer something that reminds you of your grandmother’s house, they are back on trend. The hues are soft and more romantic and this trend works perfectly with soft creams and warm whites.

  • Monochrome

Monochrome is a style that never really seems to go out of fashion. This year, carpets, rugs and hard flooring in monochrome are back as it’s not really possible to go wrong with black and white. The Greek key effect is a good option when it comes to carpets. Just ensure that you keep the rest of the room decorated in a simple way, as your floor really will make all the statement that is needed. If you want to add a touch of monochrome and not change all of your flooring to monochrome, then consider adding a monochrome rug. A rug really can change the way a room looks. Consider adding a monochrome rug to a room where you have grey and bright yellows. In the bathroom choose monochrome mosaic tiling to keep your space feeling airy and bright.  

  • Shimmer

Iridescence has been slowing working its way into the world of interior design. Team shimmer and shiny metallic, with lilacs, greys and pinks. This will create a room that’s sophisticated yet bright. Carpets with a touch of shimmer are eye-catching yet not overpowering.

Other Flooring:

As well as carpets, there are other types of flooring that you may want to have in your house. Below is a list of what’s on trend and some of these may also come in carpet form.

  • Wood Look flooring

This isn’t something that’s just become trendy in 2019 and has in fact been popular for some time now. Ceramic, vinyl and laminate wood look flooring has been the most popular flooring trend for the last two years.

  • Go Green

In 2019, the focus on recycled and natural materials will be big. Choose flooring items made from bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork and engineered wood which could work well with colour steel roofing or Scandinavian designs.

  • The Colour Grey

Without a doubt, grey is now the colour of choice when it comes to home décor. Grey can provide a more modern alternative to the conventional cream and beige tones that were once so popular. Grey is the perfect choice to match the colour schemes of lilac, pink and sage green and it also works well with monochrome designs too.

When it comes to carpets, a good choice is a pure wool carpet and contrary to popular belief that a wool carpet does not have to break the bank. A benefit of choosing a 100% wool carpet is that it will feel nice under your feet, as the pile is dense.

If you’re looking for something that makes a statement then opt for a striking striped grey carpet. Paint the walls a soft grey and don’t over clutter your room.


When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, grey wood with a distinctive pattern is the preferred choice for 2019. Compliment this flooring with tinted glass and brushed stainless steel.

  • Rustic

With regards to the kitchen, the rustic farmhouse look will be on trend this year. Choose planks of wood that are wider and longer and are made of reclaimed materials.

  • Blonde

Even though grey is still a popular choice when it comes to flooring, blonde is also making a huge appearance, blonde flooring is airy and light and can be used to suit any décor style and colour. The beauty of blonde flooring is that it can make any space seem bigger.

  • Concrete

If you’re looking for something durable yet modern then concrete flooring is the perfect flooring option for high traffic areas. To obtain a different finish, concrete can be waxed, polished and stained to suit your personal preference. Concrete can make a kitchen feel more industrial and edgy, but it can also be made to feel homely when paired with warm, soft colours. Concrete also works well with a Scandinavian design.

There’s plenty to choose from this year regardless of your style when it comes to carpeting and flooring trends in 2019.

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