Forget Man Caves – It’s All About She Sheds These Days!

If she sheds were to come with a tagline, it would definitely be ‘why should boys have all the fun’. Just as men have their man cave, women ought to have she-sheds! But what actually is a she-shed? It’s a private sanctuary, a place for her to relax and unwind. It is a safe haven to retreat to from everyday hassles for some much need ‘ME’ time.

This brings us to the next question, what should a she-shed look like, what should it have, and how should you decorate it? We’ve got it all covered, read on. Let’s start with what should a she-shed should look like or what should it have.

There is no hard and fast rule as to what a she-shed should look like, it will differ from person to person, as per their taste. Anything could be a she–shed – an extra room, your garage, a cabin over the garage, the tool shed in the backyard, a tree house, literally any space that you can convert to spend some alone time in, becomes a she-shed. These are more homely options, if extravagant is your style, it could be a cabin in the woods, a holiday home. Don’t let the ‘shed’ in the name fool you. It can be as minimal or as extravagant you want it to be.

Next, let’s cover the essentials. These are not the decor elements, but basic utility set-ups that a space should have in order to make it habitable.

  1. Natural Light: Add skylights to let the natural sunlight flow in. Keep the windows as wide as possible, but remember proper weather proofing will be required for colder countries. You want the space to have natural light, but also warm enough to make it cosy. In countries where it rains a lot or has little sunlight, you can get lights that can mimic sunlight for that natural feel.
  2. Heating: She -sheds, generally for most people are smaller spaces in their homes or their backyards that they renovate to create this space, hence home heating systems are integral in order to make the place comfortable and to ensure there is proper ventilation. Some prefer the rustic feel of a fireplace, wood stove fireplaces are a great option. They are safe, fuel-efficient and low maintenance. Getting in touch with wood burning stove manufacturers can help you decide on what will work best for your space.
  3. Wifi: Unless you want the she-shed to be an ‘electronics-free zone’, you are going to need WIFI. If your space is closer to your home, you can extend the range of your current plan, however, do check if your router is equipped for the extra load and has the functionality. Ethernet cable, a powerline adapter, and mobile tethering are some of the other options, and this article guides you through it all.  
  4. Electrical & Plumbing Setup: If you are upgrading an existing structure, it will likely come equipped with basic electrical setup; however, you would need to add some more electrical outlets to make it habitable and to accommodate your belongings. A professional can help you with it.

Plumbing, on the other hand, is another deal. You will have to work ground up depending on what it is you need. If it is just filling up a water filter for drinking water, then a connection from your home will suffice. But if we’re talking a toilet, a shower, a bathtub etc., you will have to lay new connections and take care of the draining system. You will need professionals to take care of this for you, but if you intend to DIY it, make sure you get it inspected by a professional to give you a go ahead on the job. While you are at it, you can also get home appliances repaired (ovens, toasters, water heaters etc) and fixed into their set fixture to ensure everything is working and good to go.

Let’s move on to the aesthetics;

Start with the colour theme. If you want a room that is energising, a warm colour palette of red, yellows and oranges will do the trick. For an earthy feel, go in for greens and browns. For a beachy feel, think the colours of the sunset or that of the ocean. A simple white shed can look just as magnificent. Let this beautiful collection spark an idea.

Second, comes the furniture, and there are many ways to go. Whether it’s DIY, second-hand, flat pack, or brand new, based on your budget and your taste, any one or a combination of these can work for you. Our general advice is to invest in statement pieces, buy second hand or assemble flat pack furniture for shelves, sitting etc.. You can employ flat pack fitters to take care of the assembly and to add a bit of quirk DIY some basic elements around the house.

When it comes to decor these are our recommendations:

– Add mirrors, they are a great way to spruce up the space and diffuse some of that natural light.

– Fairy lights look beautiful and add a touch of whimsy to the whole space.

– Fresh flowers and plants instantly add life to a room. Pick succulents that are easy to grow indoors if you want something super low maintenance.

– Add light drapes around the windows, just enough to add a feminine touch without blocking the light; use light-weight see-through materials

– If you have space, create an outdoor sitting area – a couple of plants, a hammock, small dining table and maybe a chiminea pizza oven. This is all you would need for your own barbeque party or relaxation zone.

– Art instantly adds personality to any home, be it paintings or your very own art station, this space is all about unleashing that creativity. A well-maintained bookshelf will do the trick as well.

– Pay attention to the upholstery, using natural materials (cotton, linen, bamboo) to add that soothing touch to a room, and remember to keep it in line with the colour scheme to create a coherent look.

– Invest in a Feng-shui garden with some zen elements such as wind-chimes, bamboo plants, water-features and just like that, you have your very own yoga studio up and ready for use.

Here are some additional amazing decor ideas for your she-shed. This article should help you get started with just a few simple things, but the final look is spectacular. We hope you enjoy your new she-shed space!

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