Gardening Tips For A Small Outdoor Spaces

Even a small outdoor space is worth a lot more than not having an outdoor space at all. It gives you the option to create your own bit of outdoor magic by letting you set up some really beautiful living areas and gardening patches. All you need to do to make the most of it is some efficient planning.

Vegetable gardening in a small space

It can be done but you should think outside the box to find ways to increase your productivity. This can be done by planning a good mix of seeds that will give you rich produce in a smaller area. If done well, even a 10×10 feet vegetable bed can give you enough, good quality produce. Raising the beds of your vegetables is one of the best ways you can improve the effectiveness of your produce. This leads to better results and convenient gardening as they are more space-efficient. As discussed earlier, you should try to plant your vegetables in triangular patterns rather than square patterns to better use of the small space. Care must be taken to see that the plants are not packed in too close to each other. This will lead to overcrowding and the plants may not reach their optimum yield.

Growing plants vertically

Use netting and sturdy supports to create artificial walls that can hold some vine-styled plants that grow perfectly fine on trellis. Tying the plants to the trellis will secure them in their place and help them grow vertically, thus saving precious space. Do not worry about the plants collapsing, as they will themselves grow thicker stems to provide support to the fruits and to their own growing weight. Also mounting the plants on wall-designed beds help them get better sunlight and keep them protected from a variety of fungal infections. You can spray water on them to keep them hydrated and growing. The vertical design is not only space efficient, but also gives a nice look to the garden.

Outdoor living in small spaces

Even if the garden area in front or the back of your home is a small one, there is a lot you can do about it. Start with some basic garden furniture that you can install in these areas. A small swing, a vintage tea table for two, or maybe a small playhouse for your kids are some great options. Light it up with some nice lamps and paint the fence with some light shade, preferably white, to give your garden a wider appearance.

Sheds for small spaces

Sheds are useful in every garden, especially in the smaller ones which might look more cluttered with tools and gardening equipment strewn around. Cedar sheds look beautiful and more durable than the other sheds that are available. There are also some timber and semi-timber sheds available that provide storage but also look good. When choosing a garden shed, make sure you buy one with a comfortable height that can house everything you need without much fuss.

It should also be spacious enough for you to stand in and look for items inside. While buying a garden shed, always remember that it is a capital investment, so you should plan in advance. Buy one which is slightly bigger than the one you need right now, in order to pre empt your future needs as well.

If you are using the shed more as a working space or kid’s play area then it makes sense to keep it well-insulated and installing sufficient lighting and safety options in it.

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