Home A Little Worse For Wear After Winter? Our Top Tips To Be Summer Ready

Winter can wreak some havoc on us. From dry skin and low vitamin D levels for some of us personally, to dead greenery outside and busted plumbing from an extra cold winter on the house, it’s no wonder we look forward to summer so much.

When it comes to our home, winter can be particularly brutal, and you might tend to ignore the nagging need to clean or fixing the random things while it’s cold outside. While some of us might just hire a commercial carpet vacuum cleaner, throw some fertiliser on the lawn, and hope for the best, (which is definitely a great start), there is a lot more you can do to spruce up your home this year. Follow some of these top tips to get your home summer ready, and you’ll better enjoy the time you spend in it all summer long.

Clean gutters

Everyone’s favourite chore! Just kidding. Cleaning out the gutters is important every summer, preferably done early in the season, or even in springtime if you’re really on top of things. Dirty gutters will inhibit your excess water drainage as well as be a fire risk when it dries out, so it’s important to get the job done.

You can either do it yourself, using a guide like this one, or hire professionals to do it quickly and safely. Gutter cleaning can be a bit dangerous if you do it yourself, especially if you’ll be climbing up onto your roof, so it’s definitely prefered to hire someone to do it who has the experience. Plus, it’s often listed as homeowner’s worst favourite chore, so give yourself a break and let someone else do it.   

Change up furniture

When you throw open the windows and breathe in the spring air, you’ll probably simultaneously want to freshen up your home as well. There’s nothing like freshening up a room to include new bedroom furniture sets, or fixing up those couches that need leather repairs. Spring is synonymous with new starts, so change things up as much as you can in your home so it feels new and fresh.

If you aren’t looking to completely replace furniture, consider an Auckland furniture upholstery specialist instead. They can take that old, worn fabric and replace it with bright, simple patterns that fit the season. Think about rotating things around to freshen things up as well. Try different furniture arrangements, or move some art around to feel like things are new. Bring in florals, bright colours, and fresh patterns to insert summer. Use some of these other tricks to freshen your space as well.  

Carpet cleaning

Winter and spring is especially tough on carpet. Depending on your climate, kids, or even adults might be tracking in mud, snow, salt, etc., inevitably destroying your carpets. The spring and summer season is the perfect time to get your carpets clean, as you can keep the windows open in your home to dry it quickly.

Commercial carpet cleaning is a fast and extremely effective way to best clean your carpets, but you could try some do it yourself options as well. Have a look at these DIY tips to see what will work best for your stains. If you want the cleanest carpets in the fastest amount of time, however, you’ll want to bring in a professional. Carpet cleaning in Wellington, for example, can be difficult to do on your own if your home is a shaded and tends to hold on to moisture easier, and can take much longer to dry.

Insert fun where you can!

Feeling a little gloomy after a long, dark winter? Even with daylight savings time and longer days ahead, your home might still feel a bit stifling. Being outside and enjoying the warmer weather will likely be your priority, rather than being cooped up in your home.

To help make the outside more inviting and comfortable, add things like a new firepit to your backyard, or create a designated BBQ area. Some of these ideas are amazing for clever BBQ space. Add some soft fairy lights to the seating area to make it lovely after dark.  Spend sometime cleaning out the BBQ if you already have one, scrubbing it clean from last year’s BBQ buildup. Use this guide for some helpful hints when cleaning.

There will always be those rainy days when you are stuck inside, so make it comfortable with great lighting to read in the evening, and plenty of light scented candles, greenery, and cotton fabrics to lighten things up.

One option to keep the outdoors available even on the less than perfect days, is to create an oasis right on your deck. You could add a canopy to not only stay dry from rain, but also block the sun on especially hot days. Give your deck or patio area a good cleaning first, then add a canopy and comfortable seating underneath. If you really want to go all out, add some candles and pillows to make the space exceptionally inviting.  

Add air flow

Fresh, clean air filling up your home is one of the best things about summer. Make sure your home is ready to do this by cleaning out your air filters and ceiling fan blades. Add fans where air has a hard time circulating, and try and keep your air conditioning off when you can for the most refreshing air.

Even if your home took a harder than usual beating this winter, don’t let it get you down. The best part about summer is being outdoors, so if you only get part of this checklist done before the season is over, you haven’t failed and it’s totally fine. Winter will be on us again before we know it, so enjoy the weather while we have it!

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