Home Improvements: How To Make Your House More Livable

If you’re looking to improve your home and update some areas in your home that get overlooked then you don’t need to spend the earth. Take a look below at some of our home improvement suggestions which are simple and affordable and will help to make your home look more livable.

The Entrance

As the first room that people see, the way your entrance looks and feels is very important. Consider using a storage system for flair and functionality. When selecting furniture, choose items that can double up e.g. act as a shoe rack and a bench. Create the right impression by making your entrance a clutter free zone by using cubbies, lockers and wall hooks. Architectural joinery from Christchurch is also an option to consider if you would like to create a bespoke carpentry piece in your entrance.

Hardwood Floors

Wood is versatile when compared to other materials used for flooring but it can easily look dull as its open to exposure from dust, dirt and traffic. To restore the shine in your floor, polish the floor making sure that you use a product that’s been created for hardwood floors. If your wooden floor is a high traffic area then be sure to polish it every 4-6 months and once a year if it’s an area that’s not used so frequently.


If you have carpets then ask yourself when did you last have them professionally cleaned? For not much money you can revive your carpets and improve the health of your family. Vacuuming only removes topical dust, hair and dirt; a professional carpet clean is needed to remove allergens dust mites and stains. If you have carpet in areas of your home that that can be humid then carpet cleaning can also prevent the growth of mildew and mould.


To give a room a boost or to create a relaxing space, lighting can go a long way. Aim to light a room so that you create layers of light combining, accents, ambient and task lighting. If you include an interesting chandelier or sconce then you will automatically boost a room’s appeal.


Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can never have enough storage space. Use corner spaces and unused walls and add shelving. This can be used to store items such as cookware, spices and dishes. To add personality to these shelves, embellish them with decorative brackets and perhaps consider adding a wine rack if you like to entertain. Finally, when it comes to the best kitchen designs in Tauranga and across NZ, consider painting your cabinets to give then a new lift. If this is not enough and you feel that you need a more drastic update then be sure to seek advice from a qualified Bay of Plenty gas fitter, for example, where new appliances are concerned.


If your fireplace is dated then modernise it with a lick of paint. Before you begin be sure to clean the fireplace thoroughly. Next add a primer and then paint using a high gloss paint to ensure that your fireplace is finished to a good and long-lasting standard.

Roman Shade

Give double glazing in NZ a personalised look with DIY roman shade made from upholstery fabric and a mini blind. Not only will this help to keep block out the sun, it will also boost the colour scheme in your room.


A great room in your house to test creativity. Try things such as adding eye catching light features, paint it in a bright colour or add a unique piece of art. If the mirror in your bathroom is rectangular try and decorate it so that it becomes personalised.


Paint an accent wall to give your bedroom a new lease of life. By an accent wall we mean paint one wall in a bold colour and the other three in a softer colour. Another option is to add a dimmer switch in your bedroom as changing the lighting can have a dramatic impact to your room.


Create a sorting ritual which will help simplify the task that is laundry. Opt for a 3-bag laundry sorter as this will naturally encourage your family to sort their laundry on a daily basis. If space is limited, then perhaps hand laundry bags over the door hooks as that way you are not taking up vital floor space.


As something we use every day, make sure your shower gives you the type of showering experience that you want. Replace the showerhead with a modern version as there are various options (i.e. colour changing, spa like) available on the market at affordable prices. If you’re not in a position to update all of your fixtures then consider investing in water saving aerators and showerheads. An aerator provides you with an efficient and usable flow and makes it look nicer too.

More Space

If you are short on space but don’t want to relocate then an option would be to renovate a basement if you have one. Contact local builders to obtain some quotations and you may need to contact an Auckland residential pest control firm to ensure that you have no hidden friends living within the basement.


If you don’t have a programmable thermostat then consider installing one as regulating your homes temperature can save you $150 each year when it comes to utility bills. Another way of reducing utility bills would be to look at the insulation already in your house and if it could be improved. Auckland insulation installers are a great way to fix this for you.

Outdoor Lighting

Consider adding outdoor lighting to decking and furniture. Not only does this allow you to enjoy more alfresco dining and add a sense of beauty to your garden, it also adds an additional safety feature as well.


Landscaping your walkway will give your home a fresh and inviting feel. Use various perennials along your walkway to give it texture and beauty. Also, if you don’t have an outdoor path then consider adding one which will lead the way through your garden. Perhaps create this using irregular shaped flagstones as these will create a unique yet welcoming approach

Even by adopting one of these ideas you will quickly see how easy and inexpensive it is to update your home and make it more livable.

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