How Outdoor Landscaping Can Give Your Home The “Wow” Factor

If you’re looking to add the wow factor to your outdoor space then landscaping is one way to do this. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge back garden or a tiny courtyard, your landscape design is crucial when it comes to creating an enviable outdoor space. Remember that when designing your outdoor space to also consider a sustainable landscape design. Below we will provide you with some ideas on how you can change your garden, yard or patio to ensure that it wows anyone who enters it.

In-ground pool

When we think of in-ground swimming pools we think of relaxing on a warm summer’s day, fun with the kids and BBQ parties. If you have the right landscape design, a pool can be the ultimate feature to complement your back garden. You need to make sure you get the price of the in-ground pool before you begin your landscape design ideas to ensure that it suits your budget. Once you’re ready to start work on your in-ground pool, you can consider other factors such as galvanised pool fencing, flowers and foliage, a diving board or even a water fountain.

Rooftop design

If you live in a busy area and you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, but you do have a rooftop then consider creating this into a dining area. Design it in such a way so that you have a wooden cover and weave lights into this rooftop or alternatively, consider having an aluminium pergola for something that little bit different.

Outdoor Seating

When you add seating to your outdoor space, you open up many possibilities. Seating can be used for dining outdoors, it could also be used as a place to relax or read a new book. It’s worth adding pebbles or gravel to an area before setting up your table and chairs.

Garden Sheds

If you want to add a shed to your outdoor space, there’s plenty of choice. You can choose between a log cabin garden shed, cedar garden sheds, open concept garden sheds, a backyard barn shed or simply a shed for storage. All of these sheds can add a wow factor to your backyard, as you can use them in such a way that they cause intrigue and are not just there for functional reasons.

Outdoor Balustrades

There are so many balustrade options that you can consider for your back garden. A popular option is to have aluminium balustrades. The benefits of having aluminium balustrades are that they are durable and not susceptible to rust or corrosion. They also fare well when it comes to extreme weather including the sun’s UV rays, snow, ice and rain.

Roaring Fire Pit

Everybody would love to have a fire pit in their back garden and they are becoming more and more popular. You need to have a brick patio to ensure it is safe to have a fire pit, so remember to plan for this. Rather than having a fire pit as a focal point, you want to add this so it’s an extra feature.

Pop of Colour

If you have grass or turf in your garden which has been laid in such a way so that you have straight lines, it is easy to mow and care for. However, you may find that your garden is missing out on the colour that flowers bring to a space. Rather than plant your flowers in the traditional sense, consider planting them so that you can hang them and add lights to your flower baskets, as these will add a nice ambience to your garden on an evening. You could also consider having large pots full of flowers which you can scatter around your garden, on patios, stoned and gravel areas.

Flower walls

If you need to create a privacy wall then aside from contacting a builder or an exterior plastering company, you could also consider having a flower wall. For example, you may need some privacy if you have an outdoor shower. Consider flowers that are happy to live in moist areas. Remember to prune any branches that overgrow so that sunlight can shine on to your area.

Adult Friendly Treehouse

Don’t think that treehouses are just for kids. Kids may want to spend time in a treehouse but design it in such a way so that you can also appreciate a treehouse in your garden too.

Garden Cabin Getaway

If you’re handy then consider building yourself a cabin where you can escape when you want to get away from it all. You may need to consider getting in touch with an arborist tree removal company. A tree removal company will be able to help you create some space in your garden if you require it. Around your cabin, you could purchase some garden bark or mulch to create that natural, forest-like feel. Search online for bulk bark delivery as you may require quite a lot of bark for your cabin area.

One Flower Garden

If you only have one type of flower in your garden, you will save yourself a lot of work. For instance, if you love roses, then plant these all over your garden and you’ll soon see the beauty of having a one-flower garden.

It’s clear to see how your outdoor landscape design ideas can easily add a wow factor to your outdoor area. Now it’s time to sit down and think about which of these ideas you’d like to incorporate into your outdoor space.

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