How To Create A Convertible Space In Your Home

Are you maxing out your current space? Creating adequate space in the home can be a bit of an issue, especially in smaller homes. The process of squeezing a sofa into an already cramped living room or finding extra storage when floor space is limited just isn’t fun. This is where the idea of a convertible space comes in, as you don’t need a bigger home to find more space. Creating a convertible space provides more avenues to get creative with all forms of home items around you, from a staircase that doubles as a bookshelf to an in wall storage, there are countless interior hacks that will have you saving valuable space, creating areas with multi-functionality and better buying decisions. Get inspired with the following ideas to maximise your home’s potential.


The space above the doors is mostly underused in homes. Who says it can’t be made to serve a purpose? It’s a perfect opportunity to install high cabinets. Utilising high cabinets above doors makes the space visually less clustered and at the same time adds a sense of style to your home. Whatever item of your choice can go in there, though the most beneficial way you can utilise high storage as it’s not as accessible as lower cabinets, is by storing items you don’t need on a daily basis such as seasonal items that are only needed a few times a year.


Staircases consume a lot of space and can undoubtedly be made to offer more value. The space under the stairs can be used as a shoe rack, bookshelf or even a wine cellar with racks for bottle. It is advisable to first consult with an engineer or architect in order not to cause any structural damage to your staircase. Type and quality of balustrades and handrails are important factors to consider for safety and stability purposes.


This is a creative space saving idea you’ll love. On one side, it’s a full length mirror and on the other side, when you turn it horizontally, it’s an ironing board. If you’re a fan of “DIY”, you can easily create one with some online helpful tips or you could hire a wood joinery expert to make one. You can mount your mirror on the wall and take it down whenever you need to iron your clothes.


Most of the space is usually taken up by a couch or sofa, so you need creative ways to maximise as much space as possible. Sofa beds and couches that can be easily pulled apart to become footrests are among the best options to consider. They are preferred to regular wooden beds due to the comfort it provides. Upon expanding, one sees the wooden bed frame, extended legs to support the mattress, and foldable cushions to support the head. These sofa beds are much deflated and offer more space to economise and create further storage facility. In addition to saving you space, they are also cost effective.


Enjoy a sustainable living space with retrofit double glazing. It provides a space saving alternative to other interior insulation processes that reduces interior space especially floors, walls and crawl spaces. It is a better form of insulation and retrofitting also means that the existing windows are not taking up room in overflowing landfills helping to maintain a more sustainable environment. Double glazed windows are rapidly becoming the top choice amongst home owners as less energy can be used to heat or cool down the space. You can actually reduce the amount of heat escaping in winter and keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. The good news is that double glazing works just as well in summer, by preventing unwanted heat from coming into the home. This extra insulation lessens will ensure you are relying less on heating systems and air con, plus you’ll see your energy bills lower dramatically.


Extendable tables are the right options when you’re caught between having to get enough room to entertain guests and also requiring a table that will take up as little space as possible. These tables come with extensions that can easily be pulled out to create more space. Normally, the table will take up the minimal amount of space required, the extensions come in handy when family or friends visit and would need extra space. It will be more beneficial to get the table that can comfortably seat everyone without having to add any extensions in order to maximise the available space.


Instead of getting a full-sized desk, consider installing a drop down desk. An interesting benefit of wall mounted desk is that its height is not fixed meaning it can be installed at any height thereby making it easily adjustable to suit every user’s needs and style. Its drop down feature makes it very compact and easily integrated in all kinds of spaces. For example, you can mount one in the bedroom or living room without taking up any floor space or interfering with the space’s main function. This drop down desk comes with a few storage compartments for books, pens and other gadgets. 


Turn any door into a more useful space with door storage. There are varieties of storage methods you can use to get started. For instance, mesh bins are highly suitable for linen or bedroom closet, you can conveniently store things like socks, napkins, and scarves, thereby adding extra room in an otherwise tight space. Another smart idea you can try is the handbag hanger; it hooks right over any door with extended arched hooks which are perfect for purses and handbags. By utilising these methods, you can fit a lot of your things into one space. A precautionary step is to install door stops for easy access and to prevent your things from hitting against the wall.


With all these ideas, creating a convertible space on a budget is now only limited to how creative you can get with the current tools without having to break the bank. So now the question is “What are you going to do with what’s available to you?” Take a break and let your creative juices flow while you come with a plan.

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