How To Create A Year Round Outdoor Entertaining Space

Long summer nights almost beckon us to create the perfect outdoor entertaining space for our family and a whole slew of potential visitors. We might do whatever we can to add comfort and luxury to our yard, but often forget that our outdoor spaces need to be taken care of all year as well. Whatever your entertaining needs are, we’ve compiled a list of everything you should do to take care of your outdoor entertaining area throughout the year, as well as some helpful tips for entertaining outdoors no matter the season.

Choose plants with care

One big thing to remember when you’re trying to make your entertaining space last all year, is that you want it to look good all year besides just being functional. While you can’t stop much of your yard from going brown and stop the leaves from falling, especially in those cold climates, you can plant with winter in mind.

If you live in a climate that doesn’t see too much snow, you can potentially see colour in your backyard all year round. Even if the cold hits your location pretty hard, you can still work with hardy, winter loving plants to add some brightness. Things like winter jasmine, cabbages (yes, we know it’s a vegetable), or holly all add a bit of green and purple to your bland winter yard. This means that even those family winter pictures in the backyard will be framed by a gorgeous landscape.

Speaking of landscaping, hire yourself a professional if you don’t know how to landscape for year round use. An Auckland landscaper, for example, will be able to tell you exactly what will thrive for the Auckland area all year. Use this list to get your creative juices flowing and to think of questions before you meet with the landscaper.

While you’re adding your new, winter friendly plants, make sure that you’re planning ahead for spring and summer as well. Nothing is worse than having to pull the neverending weeds each spring, and often we just let our gardens and landscaping go, which makes for a less than ideal entertaining space. Try using garden bark in your Auckland city home, or wherever you have issues with weeds, to minimise growth.  

Take care of your grass

In those warmer climates where you can use your lawn all year, taking care of it is vital. NZ lawn repair is definitely an option for when it’s too late to be proactive, but for those of us with decent grass yet should think ahead. A lawn irrigation system is an excellent addition to keep your grass hydrated without having to think about it.

Liquid grass seed is perfect for fixing up those empty patches, or filling in the spots that get a lot of foot traffic. If you’re seeding in any fashion, make sure to water the seeds in the morning and at night until they start germinating. Make sure to fertilise as needed, and take a look at this step by step guide for growing grass by seed for more information.

Make your yard a hot spot

Outdoor entertaining is more than just making your yard look great, even though aesthetics are important. It’s also about creating a haven where people actually want to spend time. Think about the things your family and/or friends like to do together. Are dinner parties important to you? Do you enjoy cooking for a crowd? Is more of a party vibe what you’re after?

Whatever your needs and wants are when it comes to entertaining, try and incorporate them to your outdoor entertaining space. One idea if you enjoy cooking or dinner parties is to add an outdoor pizza oven to your NZ backyard. Friends and family can gather around it and make their own pizzas to their liking. Try some of these recipes for ideas to get started!  

If large parties or big backyard bashes are more your style, try and make parking easy with a large driveway and plenty of parking. You can easily invest in asphalt driveway resurfacing that will instantly transform your parking area. Of course, all kinds of driveway surface options are available to you, so work with a contractor to decide what’s best for your space.

For summer, especially in extremely hot areas, having a place to cool down and escape the unrelenting sun is essential. Make sure you’ve got plenty of shaded areas, whether it’s through your landscaping with trees, or via fabric canopies or umbrellas. Even adding a small swimming pool will make a giant difference, and be an instant hit with your friends and family. Use this article to help you decide how big to go with your pool  

Even in the winter, your outdoor area can still serve up amazing parties. Add an outdoor fireplace for cozy, intimate gatherings, or sturdy, weatherproof furniture around a firepit for larger ones. Keep blankets and outdoor, portable heaters available for those who are easily chilled. Consider even adding a spa pool to really add some warmth on those extra cold winter days. Take a look at this list of factors to think about when adding a spa to your yard.  

In general, making your yard a hot spot for visitors isn’t necessarily about the pool and fireplace and pizza oven, it’s also about being a place that’s comfortable and pleasant. To do this, invest in quality outdoor furniture and comfortable cushioning. Add lighting that keeps the hangout areas lit with soft lights. Try and keep an area for seating that can be covered up with screens or netting to stay out of the nighttime pesky flies and mosquitos.

Once you’ve got a grasp on what’s important to you, and can incorporate that into your outdoor space, you’ll have an entertaining zone that everyone loves and wants to spend time in. So, get out there and enjoy it!

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