How To Create An Oasis In Your Pool Area

The nature of a pool serves so much more than a functional element. A pool can serve as a bridge that connects the serene atmosphere and the terrace. With some beautiful landscaping, designated patio covers for entertaining and strategically placed artful elements, your pool area can be transformed into a true backyard oasis. The appearance of your backyard leaves the first impression to guests when they enter your home. It will be worth it to put in an extra effort to create a perfect outdoor oasis and curb appeal. It can be something as dramatic as a walking path flanked with bagged black mulch or coloured mulch that brightens up space or some beautiful pavers that direct the way. 

Here are 6 simple ways you can create a perfect oasis in your pool area.


It’s very important to design specific spaces in an exterior setting in a cohesive and aesthetic way. You can make use of different flooring types to create a separate visual appearance in various areas of your pool area and backyard. Decking adds an extra effect to your pool area. you can try include herringbone wood sun deck, an off-white vinyl carpet for the entertaining area and matching pool tiles to add visual flow and separate spaces. You can also use glass tile, it is increasing in popularity as it adds a luxurious feel to the exterior space. Get creative in this area of your home, you can opt for a tile with a bit of sparkle that creates a stunning rainbow reflection when the sun is out. If you decide to use the same material, consider adding furniture to help make a clear distinction of the cedar garden sheds, dining area and an open area for entertaining. 


Getting creative also involves knowing how to transform the feel of your landscape. So if you decide to opt for a more rustic or tropical feel, there are different ways to bring them to reality. You can make use of native plants, they help create a rustic and forceful vibe. Popular plants such as palms with fan-shaped fronds can provide your outdoor space with a Mediterranean vibe. The spread of coconut palms along the walkways creates stunning canopies which provide a more tropical outdoor space. Don’t forget to protect the delicate flowers inside the landscape beds as you strategically place the native plant of your choice. The perimeter hedges, walkways and lawn should be considered.


Nothing brings a more soothing effect than listening to the sound of running water. Many Homeowners seek to enjoy the calming effect of water features and have taken steps to install them in their pool area for an additional special effect in their outdoor living areas. There are many water feature options on the market. You can opt for fountains, waterfalls, ponds and water ledges. You can incorporate a single water feature or you can include a couple of different features to create a visual flow and serene appeal to your outdoor space. Fire Pits also contribute to creating that perfect oasis in your pool area. They provide an opportunity for you and your family to unwind and warm up on those chilly nights, perfect for enjoying the calming night atmosphere. Aluminium balustrades serve as protective rails to keep children safe. 


The connection of your surrounding landscape to your pool area should be influenced by your choice of plants. Make use of distinctive plants that will add to the character of your pool area. To add a more dramatic effect, you can reserve a sunny spot for lounging in your pool area. Or a shady feature can serve as a vantage element to influence the effectiveness of the surrounding area. Welcome the help of Pollinators such as bees, butterflies. They are very useful in the ecosystem. When you plan properly, pollinators animate the garden and influence the visual character of the pool area. If you decide to use containers to store your plantings then you should also consider maintenance, water requirements, as well as irrigation and method of seed dispersion. Your choice of plants should fit the structure and architecture of your pool area.


At night time, landscape lighting can truly make your pool one of the best swimming pools. It can create a wonderful effect on the overall ambience of your surrounding area. Even setting up pool lighting can highlight your pool and serve as an illuminating focal point. Consider placing lighting in fences and walkways to make your pool area more attractive and inviting. It will leave a good impression. If you do not have the budget to add lighting features to your pool area, consider hiring an electrician to run additional electrical conduit to your pool. This will eventually help you save money.


Another way to create an adventurous pool area is to compartmentalise. If you have a large pool you can create separate sections of your pool providing other family members with what they prefer. It could be that you prefer the section of the pool that has the fountain and attached spa while the kids really want the side with the slide. Either way, you don’t have to worry about splashes as you soak up the relaxing effect of the pool while the kids have fun on the other side of the pool. 


When it comes to creating an oasis in your pool area, a couple of small upgrades can make all the difference. Don’t forget your pool area is your space for relaxing and entertaining. So, ensure you compliment your outdoor space with gorgeous designs that add a sense of tranquillity. Enhance the appearance of your pool area so it won’t only be functional for you and your family but also truly a place that fits your taste and style. Relax, enjoy and appreciate nature.

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