How To Design A Low Maintenance Outdoor Space

So, you love having a garden but don’t really like gardening or perhaps you don’t have the time to commit to a garden – what can you do? Fear not, there’s many options available to you to ensure that you have an outside space that works for you on a day to day basis as well as when you’re entertaining. We will provide you with a guide on how to enjoy a low maintenance garden without having to compromise on its practicality or aesthetics:

  1.     Design an Outdoor Living Space

A very simple but effective way to make your garden amazing is by adding a seating area. The best way to do this is to place the seating area on some paving slabs which are easy to clean and also prevent any weeds from being able to raise their ugly heads. If you’ve already got some pavement in the yard, make sure you complete any pothole repair first. When picking your seating don’t forget to consider comfort, practicality and design as well as factors such as:

  • Purpose: Consider how you plan to use your garden. Is it for growing, entertaining or more of a space for you to relax?
  • Size: Before you choose any furniture make sure that you measure the space that you have available. If space is limited, consider folding chairs. Benches are a great option if you need to get a lot of people seated.
  • Material: Choose a material that is durable and that can be left outside all year around.
  1.     Categorise Your Planting Areas

We all love plants and flowers in the garden but to keep your garden low maintenance it is worth containing these into boxes or pots. This way you don’t have to think about pruning and overgrowth.

  1.     Choose Your Plants Wisely

It’s worth only having plants that require very little care and maintenance. For example, consider cacti or evergreens as an option.

  1.     Reduce the Lawn

If your garden has a large lawn area then it will require lots of maintenance each year if you want maintain a lush green lawn such as, feeding, watering, using some kind of lawn watering system, mowing, de-weeding and also seeding grass if there are any patches. If you’re not green fingered then reducing the lawn is one way to make your garden easier to manage, but if you don’t want to reduce the lawn, then your alternative would be to find a local gardener to maintain your NZ lawn grass for you.

  1.     Minimalize Your Garden

By choosing to have less you don’t have to compromise on style as its clear that understated designs can be equally as stylish. You can forget the greenery and opt for low key shingle, seating and white walls.

  1.     Go for Shrubs instead of Beds

Hedges and shrubs are a good alternative to having flower beds and borders. This way you don’t have to think about maintenance each season and all you’d need to hand is a hedge trimmer every so often.

  1.     Water Features

Once a water feature has been installed, it’s a simple but stylish feature for your garden that doesn’t need much maintenance. Another alternative for a water feature could be a pond. A good idea would be to not introduce fish to the pond so that you don’t need pumps and filters.

  1.     Seclude your Wild Garden Area

It’s worth fencing off a wild area if you like to have this feature on your garden. This way you can avoid it spreading around our garden but still enjoy the beauty it displays.

  1.     Organise your Tools

In order to have a garden which requires low maintenance it may be worth considering investing in a tool or potting shed. This would be a great place to store and organise your tools, lawnmower and wellies!

  1.    A Splash of Colour

If you like to have some colour on your garden then perennials are your best option. As perennials are beautifully scented, can be all year round and hardy they don’t need any help or maintenance from you like hanging baskets and borders do.

  1. The Power of Mulch

Weeds are definitely the bane of any garden and the reason why you need to use garden mulch in Auckland. Spreading mulch on your garden where weeds appear will help prevent them from sprouting as well as nourish your flowers and plants.

  1. A Relaxation Zone

Now that your dream low maintenance garden has been designed it’s time to think about the features that you could add for your relaxation and enjoyment. Here’s a few suggestions for you:

  • An Outdoor Fireplace – There’s nothing nicer than spending the summer evenings drinking wine and roasting marshmallows with your family and friends in your back garden. An outdoor fireplace in NZ is then a beautiful low maintenance feature to add to your garden. You can opt for designs that are traditional, rustic or contemporary.  
  • A Hammock – Is there a better way to add a chilling and relaxing atmosphere in in your garden than by the gentle sway of a hammock. A great way to de-stress after a hard day’s work.
  • A Pool – Outdoor pools bring with them many benefits. If you have the space and budget for one you can have fun by splashing in the refreshing water, relaxation from gliding through the water and exercise from swimming in the water. On top of this, what sounds more perfect than being able to relax with a drink by the pool side on some poolside seating and watch the sun set. Try using an Auckland pool design service to work with your space constraints.
  • Wind Chimes – It is believed that listening to wind chimes can reduce stress and promote calmness and relaxation. When deciding which wind chimes to choose consider their size as this has an impact on the tones produced as well as how they look visually.

So, there we have it, our guide on designing and creating your own low maintenance garden for you to enjoy all year around.

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