How To Find The Best Tradies Online

Tradies (aka tradesmen), are skilled workers who work with their hands. The most common trades are carpenters, mechanics and plumbers. Everyone needs a ‘tradie’ from time to time to take care of small or big fixes around the house.
The quality of the work carried out, will depend on the years of experience the tradesmen has. However, it’s not just experience that matters. To entrust your home into the hands of a stranger, there’s a certain level of trust required from the homeowner. Hence thorough background checks need to be conducted to pick the right tradesmen for the job.
It not only laypeople that need tradies. Professionals such as renovators, contractors and architects all depend on a team of trustworthy tradies to get the job done! Let’s face it, if one wants quality work in a short amount of time, the tradies need to be skilled and reliable.
So, the question is, how does one pick the right tradesmen?
Now, there are several places one can find quality tradesmen. For example:
  • local newspapers
  • family and friends’ referrals
Yet, in this age of the internet, the best place to look is online! There are plenty of sites that list out local tradesmen.
While there are plenty of sites, they don’t all fare the same when it comes to customer service and quality. There are certain flags to look out for when it comes to these online sites.
Enter keywords into Google, such as ‘hot water cylinder repairs’, or ‘pest control treatments’, to find local results. The results shown, are processed by a very sophisticated algorithm, that takes into account the quality of the sites . The chances are the sites that make it to the first page of Google are well-reputed and have quality leads.
Suppose you want to install metal roofing; so, you hit the internet to search for experts in roofing. You come across several local directories. Now, how do you determine the quality of the listed professionals on their website? Here’s a simple way to find out. Click on the registration page, instead of clicking on the customer page, click on the sign- up page. Look at the kind of information they have to provide to list themselves on the site. If all they have to do is feed in their email account and type in a bio, quality could be lower. A directory that asks for referrals, testimonials, etc… Ensures that the professionals recommended are best of the crop.
Whether you are looking for a skilled worker online or offline, nothing assures you of the quality of their work as a testimonial does. Before you pick a tradesmen always ask for client testimonials or work references. Testimonials will educate you about the skill-level of the tradesmen, their work ethic and whether his/her work is bang for the buck. Referrals by reputed contractors show that the tradesmen has ample experience and has another professional vouching for him/her.
The only person you should have to pay is the person who does the work. Don’t bother with websites that charge a fee to help you connect with a tradesmen. In today’s world, there are plenty of websites catering to the same need and hence there are plenty of them offering the same service for free.
While conducting an online search always go local. It’s always better to find someone who lives nearby in case of emergencies. You won’t have to spend a lot on travelling fees, and suppliers are usually within the area, saving time and costs.
Nowadays there is no excuse for a site that lacks seamless user experience. The quality of the site reflects the quality of the organisation. If the business can’t be bothered with having their basics in place, chances are that attitude extends to their listing as well!
The reviews matters, not only for the tradies listed but also for the websites listing them. Good reviews indicate that the site has good after-sales service. For example, offering a guarantee on work provided and protecting you as a paying customer. It also indicates that they do thorough background checks; and the quality of leads will be better compared to sites with fewer or no reviews.
Asking for certifications or licenses may seem silly, but they exist for a reason. Don’t be shy to ask to see them before you sign off on the deal. A good tradesman will not be offended. If they show them without you asking, that’s definitely a sign of a good tradie!
Say, you’re looking for someone to carry out moss and mould treatment in your house. You did a quick search online and found someone in the vicinity. They have all the qualifications and testimonials in place, the next step would be to see some actual samples of their work. Ask what’s their process like or ask them to show you before and after pictures of a similar assignment. A good tradesmen will have that listed on his online profile. Always pick the ones who have evidence to back their words.
To make this process easier, here’s a tradies website you can start with for quality tradies in New Zealand. Always remember, you are going to entrust your house into the hands of these men/women. You can never ask too many questions, and good tradesmen will be happy to answer them.

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