How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell Over The Summer Season

There’s a few basic things every homeowner needs to do when getting ready to sell their home. For one, finding the right realtor to help you through the process, for another, giving your home a good scrub down before people come piling through to see it. Maybe determining your selling price is another key, and  

But when summer comes, there’s a few additional things you should think about that you might not normally need to over the cooler seasons. For the best summer home ready tips, have a look below.

Dress your home for the season

Home staging is surprisingly extremely important to selling your home, especially if you’re going to be moving out before any showings begin. Call up your local Auckland home staging companies to get some references, examples of work, and pricing. Part of summer house selling season is making your home look light, easy, and fun for the summer as well. Work with your stagers to bring the outside in, with light colours and beachy patterns, as well as creating an inviting outdoor space too.

Pest control

Effective pest control is absolutely vital over the summer season. Too much depends on successful showings to not take care of any potential unwanted visitors before they rear their head. Summer tends to bring out the worst in pests, so call in someone to make sure they’re out of your home as soon as possible.

If you’ll be attempting to rid your home of pests yourself, try using a guide like this one. Remember to keep in mind that with infestations, calling in an expert is absolutely required.  


Painting your interior and exterior is an important step to making your house ready to sell. It’s a lot easier to paint in the summer for some obvious reasons, like safer ventilation for indoor painting, and no chances of frost on your new paint job for the outside. Another less known reason is that paint will dry quicker in dry summer heat. This can be a negative as well, as the paint may dry too quickly in excessive heat. Keep it in mind when you paint, so that you do the job quickly and don’t have to redo any spots.

Hiring exterior house painters will eliminate any risk here, and provide expert advice for you if you’re planning on doing any painting yourself. Make sure you do some research around summer painting before starting any paint project.

Add outdoor items

Summer is obviously a time you’ll want to spend outdoors as much as possible. Make your home an oasis for outdoor activities to appeal to warm weather lovers. Start simple and add patio furniture or a BBQ, or go all out and build an outdoor kitchen in your Tauranga home or dining space that fits a feast. Call up an architectural joinery service like this one in Christchurch to see what your options are.

Create curb appeal

Along with a fresh coat of paint to make the outside of your house pop, make sure that you’re also working on your lawn and keep any outdoor plants meticulously kept. Use some of these tips for mowing your lawn correctly (yes there is a correct way and a wrong way).

If you need help with sprucing up your garden or weeding in your landscaping, consider advertising for a local young person to come help for a fair fee. Don’t forget those pesky weeds that pop up on the driveway or pavement as well. Those little details are something you probably didn’t notice walking by each day, but can make a difference to someone seeing it for the first time.

Control temperatures

Have you ever been in a home, or at a long meeting, where the air is stifling and you’re starting to break a sweat just by sitting there? It doesn’t exactly make you want to stay there, does it? Controlling the air temperature while people are looking at your home is super important for not only their comfort but their overall experience as well.

If you’re doing some basic repairs and your insulation is lacking or even nonexistent in some homes, you might want to call in some home insulation installers. You might typically correlate insulation with keeping a home warm, but it does the exact same job with keeping cool air in your home as well, rather than letting it escape freely through your walls.

For the showings themselves, offer cool beverages like iced tea or flavoured water to keep people refreshed through their visit. If you’re up for it, swap the fresh baked cookie routine with some ice cream or flavoured frozen ice to really provide a unique experience.

Make those repairs

This one is universal no matter the season, which also proves how important it is. Get those plumbers in your Tauranga home to fix leaky faucets, or finally get that NZ glass door repair. The little details matter, and if they’re broken, it will make a bigger impression than you might think. People will open doors, look through closets, and rifle through cabinets, so make sure your Christchurch home’s kitchen cabinets are clean and make a positive impression.

Kitchens actually make up a huge percentage of the reason why someone buys or doesn’t buy your home. If you aren’t going to completely remodel or renovate your kitchen, at least make sure everything is in working order and has a fresh coat of paint if applicable.

Having a full understanding of what home buyers are looking for during the summer season will help you immensely in selling the home. Don’t forget to work with professionals, especially if this is your first time selling a home, or at the very least, do as much research as you can on the in’s and out’s of selling a home. When it comes time this summer, tick off this list, take a deep breath, and get ready to sell!


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