How To Get Your Yard BBQ Season Ready

Barbecue season isn’t just about the BBQ itself. It’s about the people who come over, the time you spend with your family, maybe even alone time contemplating your day over a cooking steak. It’s about a slower pace of life, and a slower style of cooking. More importantly, it’s about getting outside and enjoying the summer air while you have it.

Your yard doesn’t just encompass your BBQ area, it includes your lawn, your garden, maybe a deck or patio area, and all kinds of other fun things that can be best utilised in the summer. While you’re cleaning the dust off your BBQ, go further and use this list to help you get your yard fully ready for BBQ and summer season!  


Your New Zealand lawn grass is one of the things your guests and family will first see. Keep it beautiful by not mowing too low, fertilise often, and take care of problem areas right away. Nothing is better than playing with a sprinkler, getting competitive with some lawn games, or even just watching the clouds go by laying on the lawn. You can do all these with a well kept lawn.

If you’re starting from scratch, consider an Auckland ready lawn system to instantly transform your yard. You can go from dirt in your yard, to a perfect Auckland turf looking yard laid by professionals. It’s also more likely to last longer than if you were to plant with regular grass seed, and require less upkeep.


A bonfire area is an instant way to bring family and friends together. Not only are they big crowd pleasers and sure to give your guests a reason to come over, but they are an easy way to provide a self service dinner, or late night entertainment.

Fire pits don’t necessarily need to be a wood burning one; you can also use different types of gas or propane to fuel the fire and give it a unique glow. There’s also several different arrangements of fire pits, like freestanding fires, or fire bowls.

Take the time to measure out the space you have, and then do your research for what would fit best in that space. Think about how many people you want around it at one time, and if you’d prefer a more natural and rustic surrounding, perhaps in the corner of your yard, or near your home with comfortable seating surrounding it. Make sure you’re following safety precautions when using a fire pit, however. Take a look at this guide for comprehensive safety tips.  


Oh, what we wouldn’t all give to have a spa in our backyard. To invite some friends over, enjoy a few glasses of wine, and watch the stars overhead. Spas in places like Wellington are even more delightful as the air turns cooler and the wind picks up. Even if it’s out of your budget for now, a spa can be a really exciting thing to save for the future.

With a spa, your yard will be a hot destination for your friends and family, whether you want it to be or not. But even if you’d rather your friends stay away, sometimes, the benefits outweigh the cons. Spas even have health benefits like reducing tension headaches and helping you sleep better. Keep in mind that if you’re adding a spa, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of the concrete slab on which it will sit, as well as the water costs.


BBQ season means pulling out all the summer tools, lawn mowers and irrigation supplies. To help you keep it all organised, consider adding a NZ garden shed before the summer is out. That way, when the season is over, you have a place for it all and you don’t have to spend the next summer searching down that BBQ scraper or lawn fertiliser. When the summer season is winding down, make sure you’re also keeping these organisation tips in mind too.


With added traffic to your backyard, you’ll need to figure out how to keep your grass and plants surviving. Think about adding in some pavement along the common areas that get a lot of traffic, like from your garage to the house, or from your asphalt driveway to the new spa area. Organise seating in areas where you can easily protect your landscaping, and keep BBQs and fire pits away from low hanging branches or bushes.   


If you have a garden, springtime is the worst time to take care of it. Pulling up old, dead weeds, cleaning up the piles of leaves, and getting it ready for planting are all important parts to a successful garden. To help keep it clean and weed free, make sure you’re laying down mulch in your Auckland garden and flower beds. Not only will it inhibit weed growth, which means less time in the dirt pulling up those pesky roots, but it will also reduce the amount of water the plants need, as it keeps moisture in the ground more effectively.

You could also think about hiring Auckland landscapers to help whip your yard in shape. While they might be much more expensive than doing it yourself, you would be investing in the long term, rather than having to redo quite a bit year after year. Professional landscapers can detect which plants will be best for your type of soil, amount of sun or shade, and your level of gardening expertise. They’ll also be able to work within a specific budget and get the most out of your money.

These are just a few of the main tips for getting your yard ready for BBQ season, along with getting it ready for friends, family, and simple afternoons in the sun. With just a little spring cleaning, organisation and maybe a few fun additions, your yard can become the oasis that you’ve always wanted all summer long.

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