How To Plan Your Home Projects By Season

A new season provides us with a new opportunity to revitalise our homes and make them tidier and even more comfortable. There’s nothing quite like a new coat of paint to brighten up a house and it can make a huge difference to an area that could do with some attention. Some home projects are best done when the weather is not so good, others, however, are definitely better to tackle before the bad weather sets in. With this in mind, before you start any home projects, it’s worth considering the season to see which season best suits your project.


  • Embrace Natural Light

To take advantage of natural light at this time of year, begin by cleaning your windows as they will have been affected by the elements that winter brings. Another option would be to add roof windows as these are a fantastic way of flooding a room with natural light. Additionally, roof windows can make a room feel larger as the ceiling starts to feel higher.

  • Add Colour

Do some research into what colours are in trend and get out those paintbrushes! Choose colours that suit your style or alternatively get some inspiration from the spring colours that are blooming around you at this time of year. Consider what mood you wish to create. If you wish to go for bright, refreshing colours then choose blues and greens. On the other hand, you could opt for more neutral colours such as blush pinks and lily whites.

  • Get Prepared for Open Plan Entertaining

Many of us like to spend time at home entertaining family and friends. As the temperatures are beginning to pick up, doing this outside becomes more popular. Therefore, it is worth creating an outdoor area which can be used for entertaining. If you want to go the extra mile, consider adding bi-folding doors so that you can bring the outdoors in.


  • Repaving

Summer is the perfect time to repave a driveway. It’s also more likely to stay in place when it hot as opposed to cold. Additionally, the summer is the ideal time to do any work on any other walkways around your house.

  • Outdoor Surfaces

If you have any wooden decking then now is the time to gloss it to make it look brand new again. You can either scrape off the existing paint and repaint the decking or you could re-oil the wood and refinish the decking. The best part is that either of these tasks are easy to do yourself. If you have any other repairs to do in the garden such as a garden shed installation that you’ve been waiting to make a start on, now is the time to make a start on it.

  • Shade

When it’s hot in the summer your patio and barbecue areas may need some TLC. It’s worth planning trees in particular areas which means that they will act as a natural shade for you and your guests. Alternatively consider other ways that you will get shade in tour garden i.e. umbrellas, pergolas, porches etc. Look for something that suits your style as well as keeps you cool.


  • The Roof

If you’re not confident in inspecting your roof then consider getting a professional to come and check your roof for any wear and tear. If you can see any damage then be proactive in repairing or replacing whatever is necessary.

  • Guttering

It’s crucial to keep guttering running smoothly. In the Autumn, take time to clean your guttering to avoid any issues. If you don’t already have them then consider adding some gutter guards so that next Autumn, maintenance will be quicker and simpler.

  • Patio and Decking

Before the winter kicks in, aim to get your patio and decking areas in good condition. clean your barbecue and patio furniture before you store it away, repair any wooden slats and pull out any weeds. Finally, remove any compost from your flower pots to prevent them from cracking.


  • Carpets

Begin by taking a look at your carpet, do you need your carpet cleaning or do you need new carpet installation which means it’s time to find some carpet layers? If the carpet needs replacing then the winter is the perfect time to do this as you will see the comfort level of your home increase straightaway. If you fancy a change from carpets then consider laminate or tiles as an alternative.

Winter is also the perfect time to look at other soft furnishings within your home and give them some TLC. It may be that you need to do some furniture upholstery repair or some upholstery cleaning. It’s the best season to make a start on this.

  • Decluttering

Before spring arrives, you need to get rid of any junk that’s been lying around your home or garages such as that Ikea flat pack assembly that you’ve not got around to assembling. The winter is a great time to declutter so spend one day each week to organise and declutter your home for spring.

  • Heating

In the winter months heating is something that you need to consider. Whether this is water, central heating or other methods of heating, it’s an area that need to be working efficiently and effectively. It may be worth considering investing in a heat pump installation if you find that your heating is not working as well as it should be.

  • Painting

If you’re getting bored of looking at your neutrally painted walls then consider brightening them up. Choose bright and lively colours which will help wash away any winter blues. Remember to open the windows when you are painting or alternatively to avoid breathing in toxic fumes choose paints which are low VOC and eco-friendly.

It’s clear to see that it’s worth having a seasonal plan in mind with regards to any updates to your home that you wish to make. This way you can avoid making errors such as painting your front door when it’s the season where its likely to rain etc. It’s easy to see how a little bit of planning can help to make your home and garden a place to enjoy regardless of the season.

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