Knowing the right time to reroof can go a long way in preventing water leaks and other potential problems. Most people do not really consider the roof over their heads until a major problem develops. You don’t have to wait until there’s a leakage and you have to break out the buckets to face the issues surrounding your roof or commercial building renderings. The commercial flat roof systems that cover all the buildings in your hometown complex or multi-family complex play an important function that shouldn’t be overlooked-they protect the units and everything contained in them. Being aware of the right time to reroof or just mend them shows an effective property management strategy and can create a huge impact on your budgets. Here are the 5 ways to tell if it’s time to reroof.


One glaring reason people may consider re-roofing is if they are ageing. All roofs are manufactured with a certain lifespan. However, if you’ve properly maintained your roof and have fixed potential roofing problems, your roofs may last beyond their lifespan. You don’t have to come to the conclusion that you must change your roofing system just because the expiry date is around the corner. 

However, if the roofing systems in your apartment or multi-family complex haven’t been properly maintained or have developed some issues, they may not last up to the expected lifespan. Another thing that could affect the lifespan of your roof is if they were not installed properly. Some contractors may end up making mistakes without you ever finding out. For instance, if the contractors didn’t follow installation procedures, including making use of the materials recommended by the roofing industries, your roofing systems may develop problems or worse. It is advisable to have your roof inspected by a qualified and experienced contractor to be completely sure of their condition.


Always inspect your rooftops to ensure it is in a good working condition especially during heavy winds. Check the shingles, they should be positioned flat against the roof. If you notice any damaged part or cracks then it may be time to reroof. You should also check around the gutters and walk paths for shingle granules. Cupped or curling shingles could indicate that there’s too much moisture in the attic and if some parts of the shingles have blown off there’s a chance the adhesive is weak or it may be at the end of its expected lifespan. If it gets to a point whereby the entire shingles have blown off and the complex or apartment haven’t experienced greater wind speeds then there’s a possibility the roofing materials weren’t installed properly. Roofing shingles experiencing this sort of problems are not in the best place to protect your roofs. It may lead to leakages. The sun’s UV rays may worsen the condition of the unprotected areas and speed up the degradation while increasing the risks for leakages.


Inspect your roof. If you notice any form of growth like algae, lichen or moss on your roofs, it doesn’t really mean its time for a roof replacement but it’s surely time to get them cleaned. Though they may be very tiny in size they can also be destructive over time and may cause your roof to degrade before their expected lifespan. If you notice streaks of black growing on your roof there’s a chance it could be algae. Though it won’t create an impact on the performance of your roof it may increase the degradation of the roofing materials and it will definitely not result in good. It will do you more good to clean algae as soon as you notice it growing on your roof. If left uncleaned, it may evolve into lichen which can be tougher to clean. 

If asbestos is also an issue then consider asbestos-contaminated soil remover.

Moss growth could indicate that there may be poor air circulation in the attic which can damage your roof. You can make use of a strong brush to get rid of moss that grows around the dark corners of your roof. Also, ensure you fix any underlying issues.


The presence of sagging roofs indicates that there is a clear problem and possibly danger. If you notice any form of sagging on your roof you should consider replacing your roofs as soon as possible. When your roof begins to sag, it means there’s a serious structural displacement that needs to be fixed immediately. You shouldn’t hesitate, as soon as you notice your a droop or depression in your roofing system, contact any local roof installers immediately. A droopy, sagging roof is one that shouldn’t be left unfixed before further damage is done to your property. inspect the surface of your roof for sagging spots, rotting boards and signs of trapped moisture. 


Inspect the flashing systems. The flashing around chimneys and vents help shield the seams of the roof from weather conditions. These areas should be inspected carefully to ensure no break or crack has occurred if any is found and left unfixed it could lead to leaks. It is best to make use of metal flashing systems for they are more durable than cement or tar flashing systems.


In order to prevent having to replace your roof before they reach their lifespan, it will be best to have a qualified contractor install them properly. You should also adopt a regular roof maintenance program. By regularly maintaining your roof, you will know the condition of your roofs in your complex or apartment. Remember to keep accurate records about the roof on your property. Data regarding leaks, damages, repairs and costs involved including costs to reroof a house or replace damaged parts should be recorded. This information will help you decide the best time to reroof. Laserlite roofing is a good roofing option you can consider as you plan your re-roofing.

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