Millennials Are The New DIY’ers

Have you been watching HGTV lately and been suddenly inspired to take off to your nearest Mitre 10 to purchase wood, nails, glue, and just go absolutely crazy on a DIY kitchen remodel? Well, hopefully not, because without lots of experience and proper tools, a DIY kitchen remodel can go horribly wrong without professional help.

If you’re a millennial in today’s times, however, the urge to DIY just about anything has probably hit you once or twice. To be fair, most humans have always been a DIY bunch, with creating our own homes since the caveman days. So it’s not like millennials are doing anything new or ingenious, but instead are going back to our roots as a clever and resourceful species.

So what’s with the sudden resurgence in DIY? Why are we skimming Pinterest boards and looking for ways to make things from scratch? Let’s look into some of the reasons why DIY became popular with this generation, and what types of projects we’re undertaking.  


Perhaps the biggest reason why we’re DIY’ing more these days is the ability to personalise our homes. We’re getting sick of seeing our same side table in several of our friend’s houses, or realising that cute crate display we picked up from IKEA is a popular new decoration in everyone else’s homes too. But, if we can take those crates and paint them or assemble them in a unique way, we’ve just personalised them and made them become a bit unique!

Creative outlet

Traditional stress relief is out, while DIY is in. Some people find DIY as the ultimate creative outlet that not only reduces stress levels, but lets them express themselves in ways that they otherwise couldn’t. We aren’t all artists or sculptors, but most of us can put together a couple pieces of wood if we watch enough Youtube videos.


Like it or not, Instagram has changed how we do a lot of things, like how we eat, where we vacation, and even how we DIY. DIY influencers on Instagram motivate us to try out a new project or craft. Some of us just want that Insta worthy photo when the project is done, while some of us just glean inspiration from it. Either way, Insta has definitely aided and abetted in the DIY revolution.


The holy grail of the DIY world is HGTV. The rise of HGTV has been one of the biggest contributors to the rising popularity of DIY, especially as it became the number three most watched network in 2016. The ease in which we see an entire home renovated in an hour’s program has inspired even the laziest of us to get out and try our hand at DIY.


Okay, yes, we just mentioned above why IKEA has spurned a desire to be individualistic and anti-IKEA, but we have to give credit where credit is due. While we may be turning away from the same old, same old that everyone else has, we also likely got the idea and the confidence from IKEA itself.

Putting together enough IKEA furniture either has you looking up the prices for flat pack assembly to have someone else figure it out, or has you absolutely loving the process. Either way, IKEA has definitely opened the door for DIY’ers and gotten us excited about making things ourselves. This type of DIY has also encouraged other businesses to sell similar assemble yourself items, like DIY garden shed installations.

So what are we doing with all of this inspiration?


Oh yes, the knitting grandmas are back, except in the form of young and hip millennials. We’ve also taken to other crafting like embroidery or sewing. It all comes back to that creative outlet and ability to add some personality into our projects. When we can sew a shirt instead of buying it, we’ve just made something unique and personal that no one else has!

Sustainable projects

Millenials are more “woke” than many other generations when it comes to sustainable and green living. For this reason, many of the DIY projects have been to create less waste, or to reduce a carbon footprint. Creating indoor and outdoor composts, for example, has become quite popular to easily reduce food waste.

Home office

Renovating space into a home office is a popular millenial DIY project, especially as the number of people working from home increases exponentially. It’s also usually a fairly easy first project for the new DIY’ers, with more of a focus on decorating and purchasing the right furniture to make it a comfortable and productive area.   


Weddings still take the cake (literarily!) on young DIY’ers. With the average wedding cost in New Zealand wracking up to a massive $35,000 average, many millenials are looking for cheaper alternatives, and are opting to create decorations and food themselves.

Fixer uppers

In New Zealand, young home buyers are finding it harder and harder to be able to even purchase a house, let alone purchase a house that is in great condition and a good location. This means that millenials are having to buy whatever comes available that they can get, which often means a fixer upper that might not only need an upgraded cabinet design, but potentially an entire kitchen remodel.

While not for the faint at heart, these fixer uppers have turned many millenials into renovation experts, with some even attempting roof repair and maintenance themselves to save some cash.

It’s clear that millenials are not shying away from the land of DIY, with many embracing ways to cut back on waste, or showing their creative side as motivation. DIY will continue to inspire young generations in the future as well, and we’re excited to see what new DIY projects become popular over the next few years!

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