Most Burglaries Are In Summer – Make Sure You’re Secure

Home burglaries normally rise during late summer, as this is the period you find most people away from home either enjoying an extended vacation or engaging in various outdoor activities. Burglars end up waiting patiently for homeowners to become careless and create opportunity for them to break into their homes. If a break-in should occur at your home, you lose more than a few belongings, even if it occurs in your absence, it can still create a major effect on your sense of safety and wellbeing. But these burglaries don’t have to occur, there are a number of ways to enhance your home security and make your home burglary -proof. Read on to know the tips you can use to keep your home and it’s possessions safe.


Installing a home security system helps to warn you of any intruder. Most of them work with internet access or cell phones. An alarm system can also be connected to a smart home which enables you to closely monitor activity from your pc or smartphone. Home cctv installation and door cameras enables you to monitor real time activities. The costs may set you back a bit but the investment is worth it. 

You can also consider adding smoke or fire alarm to your security system to alert you of any fire outbreak. It’s also important to contact your insurance provider as you install a security system for your home, they usually provide the best saving options. Before you install a security system for your home, do your best to check as many references as possible to ensure you get the best security system for your home.


While you focus on installing the best security system for your home, maintaining and practising household safety habits can also help to keep your home safe from burglars. Checking your door is locked properly before heading out can make a big difference. Some people end up being too forgetful and leave their doors unlocked, setting a perfect opportunity for burglars to break in. ensure your doors’ hinges are tight and secure. Don’t hide your house keys in a hidden corner outside your home, burglars can search and find them. You can install exterior lights with motion detectors which are great options to put off potential burglars. Ensure the lights are placed properly to shine through every corner a thief might hide, including your door.


To reduce the chances of a break-in, ensure the barriers at the various entrances to your home are highly durable. Be sure to not sacrifice your personal safety in the process, make your security features can  provide you easy access out in case of an emergency or fire breakout. 

Your doors should be very durable. Doors leading into the house should be made of metal or solid hardwood. If your garage doors have gotten weak, consider getting new garage doors with extra locks. Also make sure your door frames must also be made of strong material and should fit each door securely. If your door is weak, no matter how efficient its lock is, it can still be a potential entry point to a determined burglar. If you have sliding glass doors, ensure you find quality locks for them. Deadbolt locks are great options. The outside is normally locked with a key while the inside has a thumb turn. Make sure the part where the key is inserted is pick-resistant. You can buy good quality locks from a reliable locksmith.

Your windows should not be left out, having good window security is also important, your window could serve as a point of entry if its not properly secured. You can install metal accordion gates if your windows are at street level.


Do you have enough coverage for your valuables? Some of the valuable items burglars go for are those with sub limits in a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. It’s best to speak with your insurance agent about policy limits, so you can make an informed decision on whether to increase coverage on costly items such as jewelry, electronics, photography equipment. Regularly confirm you still have adequate coverage for items increasing in value, and if you purchase new items, make sure coverage is added where necessary. Consult with your insurer when taking measures to protect your home, many of them offer discounts for home safes, alarm systems and for securing your valuables in an off-site safety deposit box.


You can have a housekeeper, friend or relative stay at your home while you’re away. This will allow you to enjoy your trip without worrying about the safety of your home and that your home is not left unattended. Consider installing a keypad lock so that you can assign each person a unique code. Doing this will help you keep track of who enters your home and will also reduce the chances of any intruder gaining access to your home. 


Avoid posting about your vacation on social media platforms while away. You might be friends with a number of people on social media, but have you asked yourself how well you really know them? Bear this question in mind while you’re away and thinking about posting vacation pictures and updates on social media. Posting about being away from home could give burglars a chance to break-in being aware that you aren’t home. It might be tempting to post vacation pictures and updates while away but it’s best to wait until you return home before you begin to post those vacation pictures to your social media accounts. You can check your privacy settings on your social media accounts to ensure your updates are visible to your preferred audience and not the entire public.


Safety comes first, make it a priority to keep your home properly secured. If there are overgrown trees or bushes around your house, trim them down neatly. They could serve as hiding places for thieves if left fully grown. 

Taking into account these steps will ensure your home is safer and more secure for the summer season ahead. 

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