New Build Trends 2019

Some trends last a while and some go in and out of fashion quickly. With the building construction and housing industry, there seem to be a lot of trends that are popping up at the moment. Some of the important factors in focus in the house building industry include stricter regulations and digital technology.  Below we will highlight some of the latest trends that house builders will be considering when it comes to house design and build trends in 2019. 

Pivot Doors

Sliding and bifold doors are no longer on trend as it’s now all about doors that pivot. Pivot doors do not slide or fold onto themselves like many traditional doors. This means that a large area of glass can be seen and the frames on these doors are negligible.

A natural finish

It’s not just plasterboard that’s the only choice available when it comes to finishing your ceilings and walls. This year, natural finishes are on trend as they can ensure that surfaces become interesting and have texture. The options include clear plaster which can provide a breathable surface, and is good for soundproofing and is also non-toxic. 


Pantries have become more popular and the size of them has grown too. As opposed to having cupboards, more homeowners are turning to utility style spacing, which means the kitchen can be freed up, allowing more space for entertaining. 

Rainwater products

It’s always been common to hide any rain water products that you may have in your space. That said, the new trend is to make a feature of any rainwater goods, for example, chunky downpipes or guttering.  In one sense, this is a good option, as it is less expensive than seeking another solution to hide or disguise gutters.

Hidden lighting

Lots of natural light in a home is always sought after, however, it is also important to consider that artificial lighting can bring an important aspect to any home.  What is crucial is to remember that lighting is something that needs to be taken into account from the offset and not viewed as an afterthought. Any lighting within a property needs to be planned out from the start.


The veranda is making a reappearance which means you are able to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. A verandah would be a great accessory in any home. 

A Courtyard Layout

A courtyard layout is a great way of adding extra rooms to the garden. It also helps to bring in more light to your home. 

Wellbeing and Fitness

Adding a swimming pool to your new build is a design that will make your home a place that embraces well-being and fitness, as well as a place to entertain and relax. Similarly, home gyms are also increasing in popularity when it comes to new builds.

Extravagant ceilings

Flat ceilings are what we are used to but new properties allow us to be able to think of something different when it comes to the ceiling. If you want to have a ceiling with something different, then vaulted ceilings are something to discover. This idea would work well in a new build as well as a traditional property. 


New build properties have to consider many factors. For example, weather conditions play an important role when it comes to the design of a house. This is where bargeboards are coming in. Bargeboards, in simple terms, protect the gable ends of a property, which have traditionally been constructed in wood. Protecting this will increase the longevity of the property and also offer zero maintenance. Bargeboards are often made out of plastic or uPVC.

Broken Plan

Forget open living, it’s now all about semi open spaces, referred to as broken plan. Broken plan includes internal windows, partial walls, floor/ceiling heights of various sizes and open doorways.

Indoor and outdoor living

Although opening your home up to access the garden is not something new, the focus seems to have shifted towards using materials both indoors and outdoors. The trend has moved towards creating outdoor rooms and reducing so-called boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ceiling joists

Exposing your ceiling joists is usually something that’s connected to period  properties. Now, however, it’s becoming more common to see exposed ceiling joists in modern properties too. It is worth remembering, however, that any timber that is exposed will need coating with a fire retardant material.


Concrete is no longer just about flooring, driveways or concrete pumping services, concrete is actually the material of choice this year. Irrespective of whether its replica, polished or shuttered, if you would like to add an industrial touch to your home, then concrete is the latest option. 

Hidden door frames

Door frames that are concealed are popular this year and worth considering if you like the minimalist, sleek look. Frameless doors work well with modern interiors to give a uniform finish. 

Through View

If you want to feel connected to your outdoor space or have lots of natural light within your property, then a through view is something to consider. This involves placing glazing or patio doors on opposing walls. 

Visible Materials

A trend in new home builds is to expose the fabric that the building is made of. This is not to create a minimalistic look, but more about adding texture, warmth and colour to the design. 

Standard materials

New builds are now considering how traditional materials can be used and taking inspiration from the local environment in new and interesting ways when it comes to property building.  This concept has stemmed from our desire to use materials that are affordable without affecting our desirability.

It’s clear to see that there are lots of new ideas and old ideas that are being seen as trendy in new build properties this year. 

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