Outdoor Living: Top Trends For Outdoor Areas

When it comes to thinking about your outdoor space there are three factors to take into consideration.

The first thing you need to think about is movement. How will you move about in your garden? How will the light and wind travel? All of these points affect where you need to place privacy screens, look at garden sheds for sale in NZ, trees and other garden features.

The second point to consider is function. What will your garden space be used for? Will it be for entertaining, reading, swimming, cooking? These factors ultimately affect how you design your garden.

Finally, consider the architecture of your property. The garden that you have needs to connect with the feel and look of your home. Look at the materials and colours that would work to help your home and garden connect.

By following these three factors you will be sure to create an outside area which will not only have longevity but also be on trend.

Below we will provide you with 8 trends that you can also look to incorporate into your garden design this year.

  1.     ‘Smart’ Gardens

Similar to how things are becoming in the home, your garden will also soon be able to be controlled by a button. Gardens which have Wi-Fi capability are on the increase as technology continues to advance. lawn irrigation systems, pools and lights are some of the aspects that will soon be able to be controlled via a table or a smartphone. Don’t be surprised when you find that you can water your garden or heat up your pool whilst still at work.

  1.     Achieving Balance

The look that you want to achieve in your back garden needs to create as much space as you can, whilst still creating a relaxing place that allows you to be at one with the nature outside. A way to achieve this is by mixing a combination of soft green aspects with harder structures. Perhaps even add some wood bark mulch to bring out the colours that nature provides.

When considering a swimming pool design in Auckland, take into account that smaller swimming pools which sit above the ground in areas which have been landscaped will be on the rise this year and pools are becoming more of a feature for the eyes rather than somewhere to swim.

  1. Bye-Bye Timber

The timber deck that was popular in 2017 will have to take a back seat this year as raw textures take over. This year, be prepared to see materials that are raw or recycled when it comes to garden designs. Examples of these are natural stones, recycled red bricks, reclaimed timber and rusted metal sheets. As we are becoming more ecologically conscious, this will also apply to outdoor furniture too.

  1. Move Over Black

In recent times, colour pallets have stayed quite simple and there is a reason for this. Colours such as grey and cream are versatile colours which work well with both soft and hard landscaping. Don’t think that means you can’t add a splash of another colour too. If you have a versatile or a soft colour scheme then consider adding one vibrant colour to add some interest to your garden. You can do this through using wall art, chairs, cushions etc.

  1. Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining won’t be going anywhere but there will be new and improved products and designs for this year. One thing that is becoming a trend is trans-seasonal entertaining so that gardens can be used all year round. Sunken fire pits are also on the rise and work particularly well if you have a smaller back garden as they provide an illusion of space. Finally, motorised awnings and pergolas which can be operated by a remote control are also becoming popular.

  1.     Get Green

As the move from green spaces is now being favoured by outdoor pools and kitchens we need to get creative when it comes to adding greenery to your garden. Garden walls continue their trend with devil’s ivy and Boston ferns all adding a nice green touch to the outdoor environment. When it comes to the grass consider growing grass from seed in NZ if you’d rather not have turf grass in Auckland, for example. Garden walls look great in smaller gardens and work very well behind swimming pools. Fruit trees grown against a wall are also a great way to save space as well as hide unsightly walls as the courtyard look is also becoming more popular. Remember the importance of tree mulching in Auckland after planting these new trees.

  1. Outdoor Cooking

Areas for cooking outdoors are also becoming more desired. Examples are charcoal BBQs for smoking both meats and vegetables. Additionally, herb and vegetable gardens are on the increase and especially where they can be located close to the outdoor kitchen.

  1. Outdoor Baths

A final craze that is expected this year is outdoor bathing. Many homeowners are aiming to install an outside shower or bath so that they can listen to the birds in the trees or watch the stars in the sky above. An advantage that outdoor baths have over hot tubs or spa pools is that there’s no need for chemicals as the bath is refilled each time it’s used. Outdoor showers will prove to be beneficial in the summer months as they are a great way of washing dirt after gardening, cleaning messy dogs and toddlers and washing away sand if you live by the sea.

So, if you decide to employ some of these factors into your garden this year you will no doubt be on trend for 2018. A final point to make sure that is all outside home and driveway repairs in Auckland are up to date as there’s no point in updating your garden if your home lacks basic curb appeal.


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