Revamp Your Garage To Suit Your Hobbies

The garage serves a larger purpose than being a storage space for a bunch of knocked out home equipment, rusty bicycles and chains of Christmas decorations. Sadly enough, most people dedicate their entire garage to a storage space without following a storage strategy. A range of hobbies can restrict you to enjoying an open space and having a garage can be the halfway solution to setting up your ultimate hobby den. Its open floor space and wide entry makes it best suited for other activities including your hobbies! Having an effective storage strategy will help create enough space for you to take full advantage of every hobby activity. So, here are the steps you can implement to organise your garage to its fullest functionality and at the same time have fun in the process. 


The first step to take involves clearing out the space and getting creative with ideas. The garage is your base now, think of ways by which your hobbies can be influenced by your garage space. Most of the time the garage is often filled with infrequently used items, broken appliances and other materials which do not have a place there. 

A cedar garden shed can be used to replace any item that can still serve any purpose, though getting rid of as many items as possible will help you get the best out of every space. This process should be followed by cleaning. Cleaning will help make your garage a habitable one. You can begin addressing the garage floor, if it’s soiled or discoloured, a Steam carpet cleaner is a reliable option for carpet cleaning.


Is your current lighting efficient enough? If not, set up electricity and lighting in an orderly manner to prevent running cables from littering the floor. Whatever your hobby may be, perfect lighting is necessary to get the best out of your hobby space. For example, if you’re a huge fan of painting or photography, you will need the best lighting options for enhanced illumination, you won’t want your painting or photography works to look dull and shabby. Ceiling lights, a window or skylight are also considerable options. 

Since your hobby space is where you’ll be spending lots of time all year round, Insulation is an additional option that can make it a bit more comfortable. During the winter you can install overhead heating systems to provide heating to a concentrated area, and consider blown in insulation for the exterior walls. Lighting and insulation is essential in creating the right mood for your hobby, so be sure to get it right.


It is important to provide an easy access to this part of your space, installing automatic garage door openers or outdoor blinds is an enhanced option for accessibility while also giving you access to healthy ventilation options.

Creating the space to enjoy your hobbies should follow; if a part of your hobbies requires a workbench, install one that is easily adjustable or thinner in size. If you’re not in need for a workbench, there are other varieties of tables and stools available to suit your hobby. Another option you could go for is cabinetry; installing it ensures longevity and supports objects with larger weights and you can customise in whatever way to meet your unique needs. It can be built long enough to accommodate golf clubs, fishing hooks, skis and other long tools. While trying to make it an easily accessible area, ensure some proper measures are taken like installing cabinets with shields to prevent any sharp edged tool jostled around as you rifle through.


Slat walls provide a range of options for storage and decorative ideas. You can begin by installing hooking storage attachments to enable you to conveniently and safely mount various tools and accessories. If you’re a biker, this will serve as a perfect opportunity for storing your bikes and at the same time offering you easy access. In addition to this, attached storage baskets are not left out, installing it can serve as a place you can store your helmets. So go ahead and get rid of that mess of a toolbox and make the best out of slot walls. Get creative with decorations as they can also help add an aesthetic appearance to your garage space.


If you like to get your hands dirty with some garden work, why don’t you convert your garage into a corrugated polycarbonate greenhouse? It’s cheaper to build and provides better light diffusion through your shed than glass. Though this garage renovation will take a bit of work – from materials you’ll use for the frames to the installation process and watering systems – when implemented correctly you’re assured of a memorable hobby experience at the same time having healthy plants and crops.  


Overhead storage can be extra useful when you want to get that bulky equipment out of the way. If you’re interested in gymnastics, take full advantage of overhead storage without having to give up space. When investing in a home gym, all you need is a section of rubber flooring, a couple of weights for weight training and one or two machine for full body workout. Though buying a couple of these equipment may be on the high side, there is an array of options to help you start your home gym on a budget at the same time saving you money in the long run. Or if you’re a fan of the arts, the garage can serve as a great alternative to carving out an extra studio space for painting. It’s quite affordable and you can have the place all to yourself.


With these ideas, you should be feeling inspired to get creative and reclaim your garage. Your garage has endless possibilities and if you’re faced with not having enough to fill your entire garage space remember it’s a process and as your interests grow, your garage space will come to its fullest potential. Whatever your hobby may be, personalise the space to suit it. 

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