The 5 Most Common Plumbing Problems For Homeowners

There is nothing as frustrating as a gushing pipe or clogged toilet in the middle of the night when help is hard to get. But at least, you are not alone in experiencing these and many other problems. Here are the 5 most common plumbing problems that homeowners face along with some helpful tips on what to do.

1. Low water pressure

Water was gushing out of your taps and shower but all of a sudden, some or all of the taps experience a painfully slow water pressure. It is a frustrating experience. There could be several possible issues causing the problem.

One common problem is a build-up of mineral deposits inside the tap, especially in a part called the aerator. To solve this, you just need to remove the aerator and clean it. It could also be your taps have gotten old and need a replacement. If the problem is in your shower, consider buying a new high-pressure showerhead.

It could also be that there is a major leak somewhere along the plumbing system. For this, you need a professional plumber to find the leak and seal it.

2. Running toilet

A running toilet is one of the biggest wastes of water not to mention the noisy nuisance it is. Immediately you notice the problem, it is essential that you get a plumber to resolve it quickly to keep your water bills down.

There are various possible reasons why your toilet is running. The toilet arm and ball could be broken, the flapper could have cracks or the chain could be working incorrectly. Get a plumber immediately otherwise the problem could prove to be costly to repair later on.

3. Clogged drains

If the water in the sink or bathroom floor is draining slowly or not draining at all, the drain might be clogged. This could be a problem with the pipes themselves or there could be foreign objects blocking the floor of water. It is especially common for bathroom and kitchen drains to get clogged with foreign objects.

Instead of rushing to buy an over-the-counter drain cleaner, call a plumber to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

4. Dripping faucet

The drip-drop noise can be very annoying, especially when you are trying to get some work done and the faucet just won’t stay quiet. Most homeowners ignore the problem until too much water has been wasted and your water bill goes high.

Get a plumber to check out the issue immediately. You may need to replace a part of the tap or the entire faucet.

5. Leaky pipes

If you notice moisture on your walls or wet spots on the ceiling or floor, the problem could be a leaky pipe. It is essential that a plumber diagnose and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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