The Benefits Of Solar Technology

Solar energy is an energy source that is unlimited and does not Produce CO2 gases or emissions. The way that solar energy is obtained is by collecting the sun’s radiation. This can then be converted into heat or electricity. Obviously, the sun is available for free and because of the way technology advances, we are able to use even more solar energy. Below we will take a look at how technology has developed, how solar energy is obtained and the benefits that solar technology has given us.

How technology has developed

Technology will touch many aspects of society. If your company is heavily into electrical maintenance, an electrical specialist or you are a factory electrician, you should be fully versed in the new advancements made in technology. Energy efficiency in commercial buildings is something that we all need to take on board and introduce in our homes as this will power TV’s, videos and house alarms. Gone are the days when standard forms of power could be relied upon so businesses make use of technology such as a commercial solar inverter and these are now becoming more common in commercial buildings. A 24 hour electrician also needs to be on hand to make sure that any systems that are installed are also monitored and maintained properly throughout their life to ensure that these systems have longevity.

How solar energy is obtained

There are two different ways that the sun is able to provide us with energy:

  • The sun provides light and this can then be converted into electricity. This is done through the use of photovoltaic solar panels. These panels are created by groups of cells which change light into energy.
  • The sun provides heat and this hits a receiver. In the receiver, there is a fluid and this can reach up to 1000 degrees centigrade in temperature. The heat changes the fluid into steam and this causes the production of electricity.

The benefits of solar technology

  • A renewable source of energy

The best thing about solar energy is that it is a renewable energy source. It can be accessed anywhere in the world and is available each day. Unlike other forms of energy, we do not run out of solar energy, as long as we have access to the sun and scientists have said that we have at least 5 billion years of sunlight available to us.

  • Accessibility

Solar energy can be used anywhere, as long as there is sunshine available. It is therefore clear to see how useful solar energy is for remote areas, where electricity may not be easily accessible. In these areas, solar systems can be used to greatly improve the lives of many people. Solar energy can also be used to power things such as boats and spacecraft.

  • The environment

Solar energy is much better on the environment as it does not have a really negative effect on the environment in comparison to other energy sources. Solar energy does not pollute our water or create greenhouse gases. Another benefit of solar energy is that it does not require a lot of water for maintenance purposes. Nuclear power plants, for instance, require around twenty times more water than a solar energy source. Finally, solar energy is also quiet which means it suits urban areas especially when we consider domestic solar panels.

  • Maintenance costs

Usually, solar energy technology does not require a great deal of maintenance. The biggest aspect is to keep it clean and this needs to be done a few times a year. If cleaning solar technology is something that you are not sure of, you can contact a specialist cleaning company who can do this for you and it will not cost a lot of money. In general, solar panels usually come with a warranty of approximately twenty years. Additionally, there are no parts that move when it comes to solar energy technology and therefore there is little wear and tear.

  • Peak hours

Between the times of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m, the demand for energy is usually higher. It is also higher early in the evening which means that during these periods, the cost of electricity increases. The beauty of solar energy is that its production is at its best during these hours. Therefore any electricity that you produce during these times is worth more than if it was created at night.

  • Energy bills

If you are able to generate your own solar energy then you can create your own electricity. This means that you will use less energy from your utility provider. In turn, your energy bills will be reduced which means you will save money. Another advantage of having your own solar power is that any electricity that you do not use, you can sometimes make money off this as you can sell it back to the grid. Ultimately, the more solar energy that you create, the less you will rely on your utility provider and this means you will be self-reliant when it comes to energy.

  • The development of technology

Technology is constantly improving and advancing when it comes to solar power. As technology continues to improve in nanotechnology and quantum physics, this will all help to increase how effective solar panels are.

It is clear to see that there are many benefits to using solar technology as opposed to other non-renewable forms of energy.

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