The Best Winter Heating Tip…

As the cold season sets in, electricity bills spike. This is a dreaded time for many homeowners, not just because of the numbing cold but also because of the added energy expenses. But you can reduce your energy usage during winter by focusing more on insulation. Below are some essential insulation tips that will save you a bundle.

Cover up drafty windows

If your windows are letting in some cold, no matter how little, they could be adding to your AC’s work. A simple low cost way of dealing with problematic windows is covering them up in thick plastic film. Seal the plastic tightly around the frames to make sure no cold comes in and no heat escapes.

On top of the plastic film, consider adding thick drapings on the windows to help trap the heat inside the house.

Double glazed windows

If you do not already have them, install double glazed windows. Double glazing is one of the best forms of insulation, playing a big role in keeping your home warm and cozy. Some double glazed windows come with added insulation between the two panels, usually air. This boosts the insulation capabilities.
If you have the money, consider going for triple glazed or panelled windows.

Wall insulation

Most of the heat in your home will escape through walls, followed by the windows then the floor and roof. When it comes to insulation, they say you can never have too much. So check whether your walls are well insulated and consider adding another layer of insulation.

If you are looking for the best wall insulation options, spray foam is considered one of the best and most effective forms of insulation.

Your roof and loft

The roof is another major heat loss point. There are two main ways you can prevent heat loss through the roof. One is where you insulate just below the roof but above the loft. This keeps the loft (or attic) warm as well as the entire house. The other is where you insulate above the ceiling, keeping the home warm but leaving your attic uninsulated.

For the best results, go with the first option. The insulation is more effective and you can use your attic for storage or even as an extra room. But with the first option, be prepared to spend more than if you insulated above the ceiling only.

Find and seal air leaks

Hire a technician to help you find air leaks in your home. Places like under the door, around the window trim and near plumbing tend to leak heat outside. A professional technician will help you find all of them.

You can then use various methods such as caulking to seal those leaks and keep the heat inside.

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