The Biggest DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Attempting simple plumbing fixes around the home can save you money in the short term. However, you may cause damage you don’t know about or make a problem worse and then have to call in the professionals to fix the initial problem plus your fixes! Rectifying DIY plumbing attempts can end up costing you much more than the original plumbing job in the first place!

Failing to turn off the water!

One of the first and most common mistakes that DIY plumbers make is failing to shut off the water supply before attempting a repair. This can lead to leaks, floods and cause significant damage to your pipes, fittings and home. Some fixtures have an internal valve that can halt the supply of water to a sink or hot water cylinder for example. If you cannot locate a shut of valve near the area you need to work in you will need to turn off the water mains to your entire house at the stopcock. This is disruptive and make sure you don’t affect any neighbouring properties. If you fail to turn off the water supply while attempting plumbing repairs you could end up with water getting in to your property and damaging fixtures and furniture.

Attempting to clear blocked drains

Many homeowners overuse chemical cleaners which can damage pipe work and cause leaks along the lines. Chemical cleaners do not work on solid blockages like hair build-up. Harsh chemicals can be caustic (burn skin) and harmful to children and pets. They should be used sparingly and with caution. Natural alternatives include bi-carb soda and vinegar. Just because you can buy drain rods from the local DIY store doesn’t mean you should attempt to use them if you are not a professional master plumber. Used incorrectly you can make the blockage worse or even cause more damage.

Attempting to fix a slow drain and remove a blockage by taking pipework apart may seem like a quick fix but it is easy to damage fittings especially if you do not have the correct tools for the job. Another mistake DIY plumbers make is attempting to clear a blockage with high water pressure or jets resulting in pushing the blockage further into the pipes or worse causing water to explode out back through the pipework and cause water damage around your home.

Failing to call in the professionals at the early stages could easily result in a larger bill in the long term, especially if you have to call out a plumber for an emergency fix when things don’t go quite according to plan! Master plumbers often have cameras they can use to assess the situation without digging up the lawn and can offer a quick and easy solution.

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