When it comes to home renovation and updates, the kitchen seems to be the first choice for design plans. It’s not a surprise that people look to update their kitchen before any other part of the house. The kitchen is where the family gathers together, eats together or simply sit around the dining table and go over daily activities. Therefore, you should consider the true meaning your kitchen represents. The latest trends in technology will help create a stronger bond with technology, including great alternatives to conventional cooking methods which may lead you to adapt to a more productive lifestyle. There are a lot of updated kitchen appliances to be on the lookout today, advancement in technology keeps improving their form and function. As you plan to visit the home appliances store, here are some kitchen appliances to include to your checklist.


Induction cooktops come with many benefits that make your cooking much easier. It makes use of magnetic induction that heats up the cookware and turns it to the cooking surface. Due to the way the energy is transferred, heat is conducted to what you’re cooking faster and more efficiently. Another main benefit is that it eliminates the exposure of gas burners or electric items which reduces the risk of burn injuries. This means induction cooktop does not heat up the surface of the glass so you won’t get burned if you accidentally touch it. However, it also means you will need induction compatible cookware. Once a magnet sticks to it, your cooking takes off.


If you’re health-conscious, then you should consider steam ovens. In most steam ovens, as the water boils, steam is trapped and maintained at changing temperatures ranging from 212 -85 degrees Fahrenheit. Different modes of heat transmission are used including convection and convention which enables better versatility when cooking a range of dishes. They cook your food much faster than traditional ovens for the fact that they make use of steam to cook food, nutritional value and moistness are always highly abundant. No matter the type of dish you’re preparing you will find a cooking function that is suitable for a steam oven.


Smart appliances make your everyday kitchen activities way easier. You can control your appliances from across your house with Alexa, or with your smartphone while being away from home. Why not get work done easier in your kitchen? Connected appliances make mealtime preparations, cleaning and everyday living simple. Almost every major appliance brand supplies at least one smart model to the market, different companies go with their own marketing terms for various functions. For instance, chef connect enables over the range microwaves, hoods to sync via Bluetooth. Other appliances are smartphone compatible which are controlled by apps and virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or apple’s Siri. 


Tall column refrigerators enable you to optimise your kitchen space in the best way. Its long shape also enables you to get more out of your refrigerator as the unit doesn’t take up as much space as a normal refrigerator. You can decide to opt for stainless steel or another attractive finish to give your fridge an extra pop. Their sleek and seamless look combine to give your kitchen a visual flow that also fits right in your cabinetry. To prevent unnecessary complications consider getting a refrigeration technician to ensure it works in good condition.


As the need to eliminate upper cabinets continues to grow, people now opt for lower options to create more visual space in the kitchen. As this trend grows in popularity kitchen appliances are not left behind. They have adapted ways to match, for instance, under-counter fridges have become quite a popular choice among homeowners its complements a regular fridge and you have more space. In some cases, you can also find Microwaves built under an island countertop instead of placing it on top. Another trend that follows this is drawer appliances. These days,  you can find dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves in drawer form.


Wifi connection is a must-have in 2019. Wireless communication with your kitchen allows for a more seamless and comfortable kitchen affair. Many products come with an included feature that will enable you to control every activity from the comfort of your smartphone. This basically means that once your appliances are connected you will be able to set the timers on your microwaves, stovetops, the temperature of your fridge and ovens with just a few clicks on your smartphone. This process makes it easier than ever to make the best out of your kitchen and step up your cooking game.


Multicookers continue to be one of the biggest trends in kitchen affairs for they are great cooking alternatives that help promote a more healthy practice while eating. This advanced appliance enables you to prepare your food in different ways. From steam-based options to slow cookers, you can easily prepare your food without the need to whip up butter or pour in oil to heat up your cookware. All you need to do is pour water into the cooker, add your organic ingredients and then you’ll have fresh steam- cooked meal in no time. If you’re looking to purchase or rent one, you can do a quick search for home appliances store online. Or you can search for any local appliance rentals near you.


From smartphones to smart ovens, technology has provided more ways to keep up with your kitchen affairs. If you’re looking to stay connected with your kitchen over wifi you can expect more new technology trends that will link up your appliances and sync with your smartphone. The ability to control your cooktop without the need to turn a knob adds to ease and efficiency to your daily cooking experience. Meal preparation has never been easier and now you can be a part of the many benefits updated tech appliance manufacturers have to offer.

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