The Ultimate Outdoor Spring Makeover

As soon as the winter is over, it’s time to start enjoying spring! Spring is easily the hardest and busiest time of the year for keen gardeners who need to provide their gardens with some TLC after the winter period. It’s also the time of year to get yourself organised and ready for those lovely summer months ahead. You’ll probably be surprised at how some small changes could give your garden a new lease of life. So, keep reading for our ultimate outdoor spring makeover.

  1. Plants

Take empty pots and fill them with spring bulbs, violas and spring heathers. You can also take a look at some summer bedding plants such as marigolds, violas or primroses. These will be available as juvenile starter plants which will be ready to be planted and grow. Brighten up your containers and pots with flowers such as pansies. You could also consider some rhododendron, pansies and violas to liven up your garden’s borders.

  1. Nature

It’s a great idea to encourage nature into your garden and especially birds. If you don’t already have one, then it’s worth purchasing a bird house which needs to be filled with bird food to attract birds into your outdoor space. To encourage bees, plant sweet peas as bees like them and this will help with cross pollination.

Other plants that you could use to attract wildlife include sunflowers, foxgloves, lavender, honeysuckle and thyme.

  1. Lawns

Give your lawn some love, aim to cut it every week. If you have any bare patches in your lawn then April is the best month to reseed growing grass. If you want instant grass or to grow grass fast, consider getting turf.

  1. Mulch

Add a layer of landscape bark chips to any organic matter that you may have as this will suppress any weeds and help to protect any moisture in the summertime.

  1. Cutting Back

Use a pruning saw to saw any thick branches. Using a pair of secateurs, cut back any shrubs.

  1. Weeds

Although some weeds may actually make your garden look pretty, you do need to do your best to remove them. Look to remove weeds such as dandelions and other weeds that are usually deep rooted as in the spring, they won’t be deeply bedded yet.

  1. Colder Days

On those colder days, the indoors can become a greenhouse! You can get prepared and consider using your window sills and sow seeds into pots.

  1. New Purchases

This time is year is perfect to invest and plant climbers, shrubs, perennials and hardy trees. For the front of your home, consider some potted topiary plants. At either side of your door at the front of your house consider adding some bay trees to provide an elegant look.  

  1. Snails and Slugs

You may need to invest in some slug pellets in order to eradicate an invasion of slugs in your garden.

  1. Face Lift

If you have any existing furniture consider refreshing it. Try a water-based stain for any wooden furniture, trellises or tubs. Choose a colour that will work well with the plants that surround your seating area. A final thing that you could look at is adding some bright, colourful cushions and choosing some nice garden tableware.

If you need to purchase some new furniture then now is a good time to buy it and assemble it. Don’t pay for someone to put it together for you, you will have plenty of time to do your own outdoor furniture assembly. If you struggle with assembly or more difficult pieces such as a swing set assembly, then you may need to get a family member or a friend over to help.

  1. Seclusion

If you want to create some privacy in your garden, then you could look at adding a seating area. Enhance this area using screening plants or trellises. Another option would be to add a gazebo or an arbour to your garden, as this could be the perfect place to wind down in.

Another option would be to choose some narrow trees such as a flowering pear which will also provide some lovely autumn colour to your garden.

  1. BBQ

Although you may think it’s too soon to consider anything related to your BBQ, spring is the perfect time of year to take items such as your BBQ or outdoor pizza oven out and give them a clean. Also remember to check that they are still working and you have a sufficient supply of charcoal or gas.

  1. Lighting

There’s a great deal of choice when it comes to outdoor lighting so you could look at adding some sparkle to your garden for when the evenings draw to a close. Make your place feel welcoming by adding lights to your pathways and patio area. The best option is to buy battery powered LED or solar light as that way there’s no need to think about plugging them into the mains. Another alternative could be to add some lantern holders from wall/fence hooks or to tree branches. Use LED tealights to add a cosy feel to your garden. If you have a pond or a pool in your garden you could look at adding some colour changing floating tea lights to these areas.  

  1. Use of Space

Finally, you need to take a think about how you actually use you garden. The chances are the main use of your garden is to sit and relax in it. You may also use it to entertain friends and family. You may need to dig up some of your lawn and extend your sitting area. You can keep paving straightforward by mixing stone chipping or gravel with slabs. This will help to keep the costs down.

Take our 14 tips into account and this way your garden will have had the ultimate spring makeover that it needed in order to be ready for the summer!

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