Time Saving Cleaning Tricks For Busy Lives

It can be a real challenge to keep on top of keeping your house clean if you work full time. Below we will provide you with some cleaning tricks which will make sure that you get your cleaning done, even if you lead a busy life.

  • Clean often

An effective way to keep your house clean is to clean it often. This is a very important trick as although you may feel that you don’t have time to clean, the trick is the cleaner you keep your house, the easier it is to keep clean. For instance, consider a toilet that’s not been cleaned for a while. It’s likely to have a thick layer of grime and dust on it and this means you’re going to have to spend some time cleaning it. Alternatively, if there’s a toilet that gets cleaned once or twice each week, when it comes to the day where you clean your toilets, it’s not going to take as long to get it clean. It now makes sense why it’s important to clean often. Spend around 30 seconds, a few times each week wiping down any surfaces in your bathrooms, kitchen and any glass tabletops. Once you start regularly wiping down your hard surfaces, you’ll soon see that it takes a very small amount of time and the benefits of doing so will stand out.

  • Access

To be able to clean more often you need to make sure that cleaning supplies are easily accessible. Therefore, make sure you store a cleaning product in each bathroom as well as in your kitchen as this will make it easy for you to clean more often. Also, make sure you have items such as carpet steam cleaning equipment, upholstery cleaners and the best carpet cleaner to hand too.

  • A little daily cleaning

It’s hard to find a large amount of time to clean your whole house when you work full time. When you consider your family, friends and your hobbies, it’s easy to see that there is no spare time left for household chores. Additionally, the thought of having to clean your entire house can be quite daunting and for this reason, you may feel like you just don’t have the time to clean. Therefore, what you need to do is not think about cleaning the whole of your house in one. It is better to aim to clean a small amount each day. There are two ways that you can do this. First of all, complete one cleaning task across your entire home i.e. vacuum your entire house on Monday, dust on Tuesday etc. Secondly, you could tackle each room at a time. For example, clean your bathrooms on Monday, your living room on Tuesday, your kitchen on Wednesday etc.

  • A short space of time

When you have a short space of time you could do a small amount of cleaning i.e. if you are waiting for someone or between tasks. A few examples:

  • If you’re waiting for your partner to finish their shower before you head out for the evening, quickly spot clean your kitchen floor.
  • If you’re meeting a friend for coffee and waiting for them to arrive, go through your mail and shred items that you can’t recycle.
  • If you’re watching TV and an advert comes on, then spend these few minutes loading the washing machine.
  • If your kids are not quite ready for school then consider loading the dishwasher whilst they are finishing off.
  • Contact your local domestic window cleaners and find the best window cleaner available to get to those difficult to reach areas i.e. high reach window cleaning.
  • If you’re waiting for your washing machine load to finish then pre-treat any items that will be next going in the next load.


  • Put things away

Make sure you’re in a good habit of putting things away as this will help to keep your house looking clean and tidy. If your house is tidy, it will make cleaning a lot faster and a lot less overwhelming. Each time you walk out of a room take a quick look around and remove anything that doesn’t belong in that room.

  • Declutter

Get rid of items that you don’t need as it’s easier to keep a house clean if it’s free of clutter. If you don’t keep on top of clutter, you’ll end up needing the help of an apartment move out cleaning services company to help you get clean and reorganised.

  • Get everyone involved

If you live alone then this is not possible, but if you live in a house with others then get everyone involved when it comes to keeping your house clean. Consider the below tips:

  • Have expectations

Make sure everyone in your household has expectations and know that they need to clean up after themselves. Be clear about any chores that are not optional and also make it clear that everyone in the house needs to contribute.

  • Lead by example

If you’re really good at cleaning up after yourself, hopefully, your partner and children will notice this and follow your example.

  • Be well organised

In order to get your family to take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves, you could have a designated bin or basket for each member of your household. Place each person’s clutter in this bin or basket and then let each person take care of their own clutter. You may need to go to extreme lengths and tell them that anything that is left in the bin or basket at the end of the week will get donated or be given it away.

After reading these tips, it becomes clear to see that there are time-saving cleaning tricks that you can employ, regardless of how busy your life may be.

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