Time To Get Festive: Decorating Your Windows For The Holidays

Holidays can be a moment of warmth and sharing with family or friends, especially when it’s the Christmas season. Christmas trees, garlands, balls, scented candles… decoration is important for this party to be successful and bright.

The party is happening everywhere in your house, so why not on your windows too? We’re here to give you some decoration tips to get festive for the holidays.

Garlands around the windows

Garlands are often part of traditional Christmas decorations, but that’s also true for any party worthy of the name! We like to hang them in trees in the house or in the garden. But do you know that they can also make your windows look beautiful?

Basic garlands are very practical and easy to arrange around doors and windows, inside and out. The light garlands are also super trendy nowadays and you’ll find them for sale everywhere online. You choose the colours, flashy or not, guinguette-style, vintage or postmodern, etc. They will be perfect to illuminate the cold winter evenings and decorate your windows for Christmas, without looking like you were going through a commercial refurbishment!

Traditional window decoration often consists of simple or bright garlands. Star-shaped, flake-shaped or heart-shaped, it’s for you to choose your favourite garlands. Some tutorials can help you find the perfect one. A window decoration to design as a family around a creative workshop gently brings you into the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year.

Make sure that the fairy lights are compatible with moisture for optimum safety. The “green garlands” made out of real tree leaves have a superb aesthetic look, but also the most pleasant aroma. Some branches or braided crowns can be enough to decorate a window for Christmas.

Fir branches are also very convenient for almost anything in Christmas decoration. The window can’t escape from their charm! They can be suspended there thanks to a thread and easily decorate small Christmas decorations in the white or golden hues, as per your choice. Together, they create a simple and airy decoration that will have an effect on the entire neighbourhood!

In addition, garlands are very easy to make yourself. The tie and dye for Christmas deco is very trendy and there are websites that give many tips and original ideas to create your garlands and other party decorations.

Beautiful wreath to make royal windows

Wreaths are very simple accessories that add a real cachet to your decoration. Suspended by coloured ribbons, original strings, they will easily give a fairy aspect to your window. You can even go further in the magic by choosing transparent fishing lines. They are ideal to create beautiful illusions. You can choose wreaths with natural or artificial materials. If you prefer even simpler, you can create your wreath by dressing balls, garlands or small felt flakes.

For Christmas, the Advent wreath does not necessarily need to be attached to the wall or the door; it dresses a window with ease. You will probably find the best and most original items on Etsy, often handcrafted. They will fit perfectly with your timber joinery. Between tradition and modernity, we love window decorations that focus on ease to settle and uninstall in no time. A good tip for the impatient!

And just so you know, the Christmas ball is no longer just for the Christmas tree. It is found hanging lamps, near the fireplace or windows with double glazing, always very elegant. Here, the red Christmas balls and hanging pine cones form a mesmerising mix and celebrate the end of the year festivities wonderfully. No need for tedious woodworking to feel like you were living in a mountain chalet!

Candles and candlesticks to light up your windows

Pretty candlesticks, possibly dressed in moss, will definitely attract the eye to the window sill. You can also create a nice decor, adding pine cones or even fake snow. Be careful though; make sure that the candles are far enough away from anything flammable. For the safety of your children, you can opt for fake candles that can be very realistic. Make sure that you read those candle safety rules before lighting one up.

What is more comforting than the soft light of a candle? Accumulate candle holders and tealight red or gold to infuse your window with a festive air. Simple, authentic, almost magical, this often-forgotten corner will become the ideal place to spend long evenings by the fire in a red and warm decor. Note that for Christmas, the light garland is as pleasant on the window as a string of candles.

Decorations on tiles or windows

All you need is a window pencil to decorate your tiles in the manner of an artist. Choose the colour, some pattern ideas, and you’re done. Stars, fir trees, snowman, gift packs, etc. You will also find playful and colourful stickers that can be removed very easily once the party has passed.

Simple to make, this window decoration has its effect. The balls distilled on the single fir branch infuses lightness, softness and nature to the window and perfectly illustrates the winter atmosphere that makes you want to snuggle into a wide plaid. If you’d rather bring a colorful note to the room, opt for tinted vases, red or green, for a traditional, flashy ambience for a contemporary Christmas decor.

The possibilities are multiple and the results completely unique! While you probably won’t be able to avoid the cost to replace windows in an old house, you can at least get them looking festive for the holidays. In addition, it is an excellent activity to propose to children, to wait a little more before the party day! 

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