Tips For Your 2018 Kitchen Renovation Project

So, we finally started 2018 and like most of the world, we’ve probably started looking for new things to do. Renovating is often one thing that people will look at first, as homeowners often put jobs off throughout the year. Those small jobs start to spiral out of control and before you have it, you have a full renovation job on your hands. Sometimes your renovation is something as simple as repainting a wall, hanging a new picture or finishing off a window repair in NZ. However, what if you are planning on renovating a kitchen? This room in a home is incredibly important to get right as it is in use everyday and is often the gathering place of a house.

Renovating a kitchen puts many people off as it appears to be a lot of hard work. Picking kitchen cabinets for a Tauranga house, choosing a colour scheme, and deciding on a layout are all part of the process. Even things like getting a built in pest control unit installed if you live in a warmer climate is something to consider with a kitchen renovation in Christchurch. Other things to consider if you live in a cooler environment or even just a noisy environment, is considering wall insulation.

Clearly there’s a lot to think about when starting your renovation, and we’re here to help with some basic tips for this year’s project.

The Plan

  1. Plan out how you want the kitchen to look; you may be able to make a better use of space.
  2. Consider how much storage you need as modern kitchen designs now make better use of space.
  3. Are you planning on moving appliances? If so plan where you want them to go as there maybe a reason why they are positioned the way they are originally.
  4. Looking at kitchen showrooms is a good place to start as you can get a feel for how the finished product would feel in your home.
  5. If you are considering a very big renovation plan, you may need to get contractors in to help complete. Painters, electricians, Tauranga gas fitters and plumbers all have a role in a kitchen renovation, and you’ll need to add this to your project plan and costs depending on the project.

The Design

The design of your new kitchen will need careful thought as choosing new kitchen cupboards to match the walls and flooring can be tricky. Consideration must be given to how you use the kitchen, for example picking light colours if you use a lot of colourful spices may cause an issue when it comes to cleaning. Picking dark colours may make a kitchen feel quite dark which means you may have to compensate with artificial lighting. There are many design options available to you depending on your personal tastes so shopping around is a good idea.

In some cases, you may want to extend or move your kitchen completely, which might give you more space for your renovation. Moving or extending any room will need to be designed, but this can be a blessing as you can make the space exactly as you want it. If moving a kitchen to a new location in a Christchurch home, consider the timber joinery, as you might need to rebuild it in a new spot.

Modern or Traditional

As discussed above, you have many choices about kitchen design. Modern kitchens can really put a wow factor into your home as they often have high gloss finishes with sleek modern lighting designed into the cupboards. If you live in the type of property that would suit this type of kitchen, the options are endless as modern kitchens are designed to be focal point of your home.

Traditional kitchens on the other hand are more classic in their look and would suit older properties as they fit the period they were designed in. In recent times, traditional kitchens have seen a revival as they been modified for modern use, whilst still keeping in touch with their traditional roots. For example, large kitchens sinks that were popular in Victorian times are now very popular again.


  • Kitchen appliances are never really nice to look at, so you could choose to cover them with a cupboard front.
  • Dishwashers and fridges are a must as they used the most when you are in the kitchen.
  • Washing machine and dryers could go in a utility next to kitchen if you are planning on a full redesign. You could even insulate the area were the washing machine is so that you cut down the noise produced by this appliance. Check out insulation companies in Auckland to find out if this is an option for you.

DIY vs Contractors

Once you have mulled over the above, it is time to decide if you are willing to try and do it yourself or hire trained professionals. If you go down the road of getting in the pros, you will need the following tradespeople: Kitchen fitters, electricians, Dunedin painters and floor fitters, as they will all play a part in your renovation. One major advantage to getting the traders in is that they will be able to complete the work quickly, to a high standard. The work will also be guaranteed so you will also get some piece of mind from that. You’ll also be able to review their contract and know exactly what you’re getting in to. Getting a firm that covers the complete kitchen refit may bring the costs down as they won’t need to call the others trades in as they will already be taken care of.

Doing the job yourself will give you the satisfaction of completing it yourself, but it could be more of a challenge and cost more money in the long run. Any DIY job can bring its own problems so you have to be confident that you have the expertise to overcome them as getting things wrong will only cost money in the long run.  

The Finished Product

When you have made the decisions about whether to do it yourself or not you can enjoy putting the finishing touches to your new creation. Wall hangings, kitchen décor and cute ornamental touches will go a long way in adding that finished touch to your new kitchen. The only next step after this is getting to work on that gorgeous new Sunday roast, or getting it messy for the first time while making cookies with the kids!

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