Top Renovations To Increase The Value Of Your Home

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. So we must ensure that any changes made in it will make it gain value. It’s always good to customise your interior to your liking, but keep in mind that the investment must add some resale value to your property. Especially if the modifications and renovations are driven by a project to sell your property, they will have to be more “neutral” in order to reach the tastes of a majority of buyers and bring out your property from the market of available houses.

Using the advice of an interior designer will guide your approach and ensure you achieve your goals, in addition, will help you approach the project with an objective eye. But if you don’t feel like spending a ton of money on one, here are top renovation projects that increase the value of a home. You will see, the investment is totally worth it in the end!

Renovating the kitchen

The first step is to list the positive and negative aspects of your current kitchen. This will give you a clearer idea of your practical, ergonomic and aesthetic needs. Visit specialised websites (Houzz, Pinterest, MyHouseIdea, Home-Designing, etc.) and browse magazines to select the styles that appeal to you the most. Gather your favourite inspirations and analyse their common points to determine your decorating choices.

On the budget side, approximately 15,000 dollars is a good estimate for a new kitchen which is up-to-date. However, do not forget the costs associated with demolition. If this sounds like a lot, be aware that the return on your investment could be 75% to 100% of the amount invested.

If your budget does not allow you to renovate the kitchen entirely, changing the countertop and adding a nice matching backsplash will greatly enhance the space. In addition, faucets, handles, and lights are like jewellery that come with a new dress. By updating them, you will optimise the overall look, while keeping it under budget.

Renovating the bathroom

The challenge of this room is to match our liking and needs within our budget. Sanitary jobs and technicians (plumber, carpenter, master electrician) are expenses that are substantial, hence you have to be careful with your spendings. For example, you will find toilets of all kinds, but picking the most expensive one will not do you any good! First and foremost, make sure it meets your comfort, as this aspect is often overlooked.

Nowadays, freestanding tubs and detached showers are very popular. If you have enough space, these additions will make visitors smile and increase the resale value. Approximately 8,000 dollars is required for a completely new, up-to-date bathroom. After all that you should be able to get back between 50% and 100% of your investment.

If you have a tight budget and can’t renovate the bathroom from A to Z, changing the colour of the walls will give you a great effect at a low cost. Be sure to choose a finish that can withstand moisture so that your investment is more durable. Replacing the lavatory faucets, handles and lighting will significantly refresh the room as well.

Paint the interiors

Making choices that will appeal to as many people as possible will have a positive impact on the interest of potential buyers. Choosing colours which are too dark and saturated for your walls, for example, would not be a good idea. Neutral, soft and luminous tones will be more popular and will help visitors to project themselves and their furniture in the house.

If you do the painting yourself, try to make it look as professional as possible, since your improvements can have a powerful impact on the negotiations. Here you can find some tips and recommended techniques to paint your walls. While you change the colour of your walls, take the opportunity to repair their imperfections. By the way, painting the architectural elements like the staircase will have a positive impact on the visitor and will be a huge addition to your home.

Paint the outsides

Our opinion is often based on the first impressions and real estate is no exception! Since the exterior is the opening statement of the house, be sure to pay attention, while focussing on what will be “rewarding” and impressive for viewers.

A freshly repainted property has a clean look and will attract buyers. Concentrate on the balcony, patio, fence, shutters and the front door. Do a little research to make sure the chosen colour(s) are right for the style of your home. Be careful not to drop paint on photovoltaic appliances as it could hamper your solar panel efficiency.

Colours all over the world have their own meanings and influence our interpretations. In many cultures, the red door symbolises luck, wealth and comfort. Colours are not only a matter of taste but also of perceptions! Also, if you have a garden, think about some basic renovations like tree stump removal. Call a tree arborist if need be.

Change the floors

To avoid flooring mistakes, do not hesitate to invest in quality materials such as hardwood or beautiful ceramic tiles. If you want to add some ground sockets, you might want to call on professionals and have it checked out by electrical inspectors. On the ground floor/ floors, avoid floating floors at all costs! It not only looks fake, but it also reduces the market value of your home. For the basement, vinyl planks are a great choice, especially if water damage occurs.

Create more storage spaces

Who doesn’t like to live in a tidy place? The phrase “A place for everything and everything in its place” must make sense for all rooms in your home. For small spaces, custom storage furniture is a good solution. Remember to use the whole height to make use of all space available. Integrated storage and wardrobes with smart compartments have been particularly popular for many years and will appeal to future buyers when it comes to resale.

Change the windows and update the curtains

In addition to providing good energy efficiency, new windows will add value if you have to bargain. In terms of the window covering, it’s important that the curtains are light enough to bring in the light.

If you’re looking for some privacy, opt for low-opacity skins, which will let you enjoy the outdoor landscape while blocking UV rays.

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