Top Tips To Keep Your New Home Build Warm And Cozy In 2019

If you have just moved into your new build home and are thinking of ways to make your home feel warm and cosy, then you may want to have a look towards a Scandinavian approach to things. The Scandinavian trend is becoming very popular across the world as it incorporates a modern take on the way of living, especially on those cold winter nights.If you fancy creating a Nordic style in your new build, but not sure how to go about it, you just need to remember that the style needs to be kept minimalistic and simple, and we will now provide you with some tips on exactly how you can do this.

A Wood Burning Fire

The most authentic way of creating a warm and cosy home environment is by having a wood burning fire. These are very popular in Scandinavian homes and there’s nothing quite like the beauty of the flames and the smell omitted from the fire. Both of these help to create a natural yet warm and cosy living space. If money is an issue, then a good alternative would be a bio ethanol wood burner. Bioethanol wood burners require a lot less maintenance and are perfect if your home does not have an in built chimney.


If you’ve ever been to a Scandinavian country you will have seen the stacks of firewood outside of the homes. This firewood will also be seen within the homes in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. If you add some firewood to your home, you really will bring in some Nordic features to your property.  You don’t actually need to have a real log fire, you can just place the wood inside the alcove or fireplace that you have within your property or look to build your very own storage area if necessary. It is worth checking for firewood deliveryservices in your area to see if it’s possible for firewood to be delivered to you. This is also important if you decide to buy clean air wood burners as you will need to have access to firewood.  


A great alternative to a wood burning fire is to use candles. You can create a display using a variety of candles and arrange them in any pattern that you wish. You could consider having candleholders on your wall or arranging candles on a number of shelves.  Irrespective of which option you choose, the collection of flames will soon give off the same image as a real fire and add a great deal of ambience to your living space.


A Nordic living room will not have unnatural lighting. That said, it’s almost impossible to not have artificial lighting in a modern home. The key is to keep it is minimal as possible and avoid using it as your main source of light. A good tip would be to use a dimmer switch and use tea lights within your space. If you are lucky enough to have a log burner within your living space, then this is the best option. Also consider the power source that you use, as in this day and age, energy efficiency is important. A solar panel specialist may be able to install solar panels so that you can power your new lighting without increasing your domestic bills.

Heating your home is also something that uses a lot of energy but if you are able to control your heating more effectively, this can also help to reduce your overall energy consumption. A wifi heating control unit will be able to give you access to your heating via the Internet. Finally, electrically heating your water can also be expensive so having a gas water heater is usually a more fuel-efficient way of heating your water.

Throws and Faux Fur

A very easy way to achieve a feeling of warmth and cosiness is to add some throws to your living room. You can either store these away or keep them to use as blankets or you can drape them over your furniture. This way, they will be easily accessible on those cold winter nights. Blankets and rugs made of faux fur have also been used within Nordic homes for a long time. You can drape faux fur over your furniture or place rugs made of faux fur on your real wood floor.


The colour scheme that you decide to use across your room needs to give off a wintry feel. That said, you would need to add some other colours to your scheme that will give a nice finish to your space. For instance, you consider off whites, olive greens, creams and greys.

Natural Wood

Try to use as much natural wood as possible, and the best way that you can do this is to have real wood flooring. Alternatively, choose furniture that is made from wood in order to create a Scandinavian inspired living space.


The Nordic living room will have plenty of cushions, and they are an easy way of making a space feel cosy. When it comes to picking your cushions, try and pick soft and calm colours.

Attention to Detail

A Nordic living space does not have huge statement pieces; instead there would be more smaller, bespoke items. The kinds of accessories that you could adds to your living space are:

– Pinecones or stones placed in a wooden bowl

– An collection of old books.

– Candlesticks, which have been handmade.

– Artwork which has been crafted and placed on shelves and on the walls


It’s not just about the way your living space looks; it’s also about the way you look as part of your living space. For this reason, take a look at what you wear when you are relaxing in your home. In order to feel cosy, just like your home, consider items of clothing such as silk bathrobes and slipper boots.

Incorporating even a few of these tips will have your home be the warmest and most cosy it’s ever been for 2019!  

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