Turning Your House Into A Home

Once you’ve bought or built your home, you may think that all the work is over and now all you need to do is to move in. But now, you’re moved in, and you have finished putting everything away, and your house still doesn’t feel quite like home yet. Besides the obvious part of simply getting to know your home, there’s a few extra things that you should do to help turn your house into a home.

Basic necessities

First off, there’s nothing that makes you feel more at home than being comfortable in your own skin. To do that, your home should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Being too hot or cold in your own home is incredibly frustrating and disheartening, so make sure you put the time and effort into these things. The best and most cost efficient way to regulate your home’s temperature is to install a heat pump and an air conditioner.

A quality heat pump, most effective for more temperate and mild climates such as New Zealand, will efficiently transfer warmth from the outside air into your home to maintain a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank. A good air conditioner will not only keep your home cool during the hot summer months, but can help clean the air and get you breathing healthier as well. If you’re deciding on a window unit versus central air conditioning, use this guide to help you determine the right size.

Another way to keep warm is to install a fireplace in your home. A wood or gas fireplace does double duty, because of the heat it provides as well as the cozy and comfortable atmosphere. No matter the type of fireplace, it will always offer a coziness like nothing else. There are many different types of fireplaces, so make sure you’ve done your research on what kind will suit you best before installing.

Another extremely efficient way to keep heat in your home and to save money is to install double glazed windows. Their benefits go beyond just keeping your home warm; reducing condensation and blocking noise are additional helpful benefits.  


Making your house into a home will be easy when you start decorating. Bare walls and no lamps or tables are the obvious big hitters of decoration, but you’ll also need to be cognisant of the types of rugs, lamps, paint and artwork you’re using. The right interior turns a house, into your house.

The most efficient way of decking out your home is to hire a professional interior designer. It may seem that designers are only meant for people with money, or perhaps those with no sense of interior design, but neither are true. In reality, hiring a designer may actually save you money. Designers may have access to discounts that the general public doesn’t have, and will be able to find the exact piece you’re looking for on the first try. They also will be able to find pieces that are versatile and excellent quality, which will last much longer than the standard department store finds.

Designers will also have more variety to choose from than the regular stores that you may go to. This will mean that your pieces will be unique and the perfect fit for your space. Another benefit for the future of a designer decorated home is if you decide to sell your home. You will already have an impeccably and fashion forward decorated home, which will help you sell your home faster and save on any staging you would have had to do.

If hiring a designer still isn’t in your budget, there’s always a few things you can do on your own, or with a more inexpensive contractor, that will quickly make your home, homier. For one, consider hiring a painter to quickly and professionally add color and coziness to your home. For additional ideas to decorate your home yourself, try some of these do it yourself tips.


One could argue that buying your home’s furniture is one of the most important parts of making your house into a home. Your furniture is where you, family, friends, perhaps children, will spend so much time together. Your kitchen table will see meal after meal served, or may be the homework station or simply a calm place to drink your coffee. Your couches will see movie nights and naps, and your shelves will hold precious knick knacks and treasured books. When you purchase the right furniture, it will not only last for a very long time, but will also become part of your life every day. You therefore want furniture that speaks to your style, be functional, and will last as long as possible.

A lot of older furniture or antiques will have a unique look, and is often built stronger and will last longer than newer furniture. A great way to take advantage of older furniture is to reupholster it to fit your style, or repairing old leather furniture of any scratches or gouges. Upholstering can be time consuming and technically challenging, so if you are going to attempt to do it on your own, follow a guide like this one to get you started. For the rest of us, having your furniture professionally reupholstered or repaired is a better idea. Professionals will help make your furniture look like new, and really enhance the original essence of the piece.

If you aren’t looking to spend the time upholstering, another excellent option is to buy quality designer furniture. You may be forking out more money initially by buying designer, but the benefits are endless. Not only are you investing in furniture that can last a lifetime, but you’re also investing in something that may even go up in value, or at least retain value over its lifetime.

Once you’ve incorporated these tips, you can finally take a deep breathe, settle into your new furniture in front of a cozy fireplace and feel like you’ve finally made your house, a home. All the hard work is done, and it’s time to enjoy it!

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